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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Well Folks.
I loved using this blog for the past 1.8 years ... but its time to move on
I got a blurty.
Its not as colourful as this one.
But its got a comments section.
Iam just going to try this out and see how it goes.

See you at my Blurty. (^_^)V

Monday, August 04, 2003


Yep both on manic too. (^_^)vV

I also met a nice girl at Boomers today.
Very smart .
I should try and hook her up with Nathan.
Hmmm ...
Playing DDr is quite theraputic.
Iam a lonely lonely man so playing it realives me of any sort of depression I may have.
I got work tommorrow.
That sucks.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

The word for today is ...

he·don·ism ( P ) Pronunciation Key (hdn-zm)
Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses.
Philosophy. The ethical doctrine holding that only what is pleasant or has pleasant consequences is intrinsically good.
Psychology. The doctrine holding that behavior is motivated by the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.
hedon·ist n.
hedon·istic adj.
hedon·isti·cal·ly adv.

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

I went to Fly Away (see Hedonism) last night.
It was pretty friggin heavin !
Everyone was dancing there tits off.
I was in the jungle room a good chunk of the time (see Hedonism)
Listened to some Happy Hardcore untill it turned into the Tribal Breaks room.
Geez what is this 1994? Get with the times.
I won a HHC Tshirt that I left in Seans car.
I didnt dance with Sean or Staci or Matt the whole time I was there.
But thats cool I still had a good time.
I was in the main room the last hour of the rave.
DJ Irene blew the roof off.
I was surprised I was even there ... but I heard some huvvas blowing and I was like ... ::drool:: (see hedonism)
It was cool.
Funniest part of the night was Matt Luu insisting that he would never pee in a bottle on the way home.
HAHAHA had to piss like a whale so he went in my empty snapple bottle.
Suck part having to get up for work and hearing Sean and his Staci gettin in on in my mums old room (see Hedonism)
I didnt care at first .. I sort of thought it was funny but on my way to work I woke up and I was like .. damn.
I even went for some DDr at 8.00p with Nathan thats how HxCxOxC Iam.
Iam really really tired now.
Time to die.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Having 3 days off rawks.
In that time I managed to not work on a whole lot of music.
I did make a Locust Gabbah track. Interesting shake down of there material.
I hung out with Justine (^_^)<3
I hung out Gramski and Jinjin (^o^)!
I also hung out with J-Fu and her bod Nathan (/^_^)/
Its good meeting with friends.
Iam thinking about taking that Cannon job.
Its part time temp ... 20 hours weekends only.
Demoing Cannon stuff at Best Buy.
Which would be cool but there goes my weekends, but it pays 10.00 an hour .
So give and take because I would still have to work at Stein Mart. BAH !
I bought some food from Mitsuwa.
Finally real rice !
Ahhh .

Sunday, July 27, 2003

I hate Stein Mart.
I hate with a passion.
I hope to god that I find a nu job soon.
Well this week I have 4 days off.
4 days to ...
Make music.
Get my shite together at OCC done.
Find a cheap bike.
Get a loanski for a car or small motorized bike .
Iam done.
Its music time.
Before I go heres a quote ...
"It doesn't matter what you know if you don't care." - Jack Kemp

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Had to get a nu SS card.
It comes in 2 weeks.
Bah! I hated the lines and the haggard ladys there.
Had to get a copy of birth cert at the county offices.
Bah! I hated the lines but there where cute girls there.
Tried to take matriculation exam ... couldnt make it.
Thank you OC Fair traffic.
Jinjin and Gramski came by to record the vocals for Jinjin's song.
Its a pretty good track actually.
I fell asleep in my hallway.

When to Option One with Myles got a B-Card.
Called the HR guy and left a message.
I will annoy untill I get a job there.
Myles has his own cubical and everything.
It looks like a pretty good job.
Lucky bastard.
I hope to be a lucky bastard too very soon.
Finshed an existing track from almost a year ago from my archives.
Needs vocals and will making those in a bit.

I HATE Stein Mart.
I will quit soon.
I dont want to go to work tommorrow.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Why is it ... when I like something or someone theres always some sort of complication.
You go into this whole thing just wanting to have another friend and hangout.
Just for fun you know?
Nothing serious.
But It turns into something else. ....
Something that requires a talk amongst parties involved.
To sort things out and to make things clear.
Currently in matters involving this situation I can lien both ways.
Friends still or something more .
Something more is catagory Iam going to try and avoid.
Ive been hurt too many times.
Shes wonderfully cute and all but this is just something I may not be ready for again.
To stop or to try it .
That is my question.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Weekly Stuff to this week !
- Matriculation Exam at OCC.
- Register for skool .
+ Finish both tracks.
+ Hopefully buy a bike.
+ Write some more lyrics.
+ Talk to mum about loan for car.
+ Talk to grams about using her car for license.
+ Alpha Shirt Co.

Anybody want a Alpha Shirt ?
Iam currently prototyping the design template on used/vintage clothing.
To cover my labour costs and material fee I will charge something but I dunno know much yet.
I'll put a pic up first when Iam finished with some more shirts.

I skipped work today. I was too inspired by these lyrics I wrote this morning.
Yeah it was cool hanging out on a sunday and going to the thrift stores for clothes.

I think Iam going to take it back to 97.
Whistle possy pump it up !
::doo dooo do do dooooo::
::thump thump thump thththump::
::insert 80's pop vocal sample here::
Insta HHC !

Monday, July 14, 2003

Tonite is chillout night.
Listening to some Miss Kittin mix from her website.
Getting ready for the crazyness which is tommorrow.
I finally got my hair looking good today.
woo !
Iam getting the dye for it tommorrow as well.
Things to do ...
+ Matriculation papers from IVC to OCC
+ Goto Sallys for hair supplys
+ Get some bananas for house
+ Possible stop by thirft store for rummage madness.
Romeo Dun ! (lol gramski)

Thursday, July 10, 2003

yup. last night I went slightly crazy.
I woke up and was like ... whoa hard beats...
Tech-House beats with a electro sort of thing.
Iam working out the logistics but it sounds good.
I knew something cool was going to happen to me.
Tommorrrow is the day.
I got my Towa Tei CD. Its sort of bad.
1st CD 45mins of sp1200 sampling and some cool tracks.
2nd CD 60mins of live Jungle ... sounds from Bali.
False advert !
Sounds cool though.
I was excepting jungle on the first but none came.
Oh well.
Still a cool looking CD. Very deceptive.
I also got my Love Hina 13 !
woo woo !
Best Manga EVA !
Ok Iam done.








Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Something is going to happen to me.
I dont know what yet.
But it will change me.
I feel funny.
Ive never felt like this before.
Sort of the feeling like when your waiting for a train or a bus or someone to pick you up ..
and there late.
I havent been able to sleep well because of it.
Work was fast and ok.
I did my hair again this morning.
Looking better as the weeks pass.
Might dye it in 2 weeks .
Working on my latest DnB track.
I been in this 2 step mood lately.
I need to get back on track with my other project.
God this DnB mix I got for free is tight like prom night.
Minus the extra 20 you tipped the driver to take you and your date to makeout point.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Hmm Hey Christina. You suck.
Thats right you suck.
Lol. Telling me your going to call back.
Lazy bum.
Anyways ..
Worked on a DnB track .
Watched the funneist Anime eva.
I got grocerys with Aaron and Jinny (thanx for drivin me gramski!)
Talked with Johanna for like 5mins because I had guests over. Boo .
I guess shes not mad at me anymore.
You've got really sensitive Jojo. I was only kiddin around.
I won those diesels Ive been cainin for.
I applied at the place where Myles works at.
Option One Mortgage.
Pray that I get the job.
I seriously could use that extra 5 bucks more an hour.
O'gratin is right. Fuck Stein Mart.
I should get some serious cash and get a car sooner.
Paid the rent today as well. ::shivers::
So today was pretty productive.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

dance baby
all that 80's,opps i mean
"electroclash" music is getting to
you. you are generally fun to be aroung except
on "Joy Division" days or when you
have been listening to to much of the Cure!

So, what kind of Underground kid are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Went to Jinny's dads house to shoot off fireworks.
Hung out with BELLY !
Goatse'd mantrains gheysexmobile.
Shot a bottle rocket into the next door neighbours house.
Jinny's dad rawks.
Then I woke up and made a cool but huge mistake that I will tell you about below.
Came home and took a shower.
Went to Jinny's grandmas house.
Filled a lot of water balloons up.
Went to her party and a lot of fun.
That water balloon fight was crazy.
Friggin Jinnys step-dad Chuck was friggin crazy at the balloon fight.
He threw one at me and it knocked my watch off.
lol !
Good wholesome fun.
Went to Aarons for some more food and rest before we went to Myles' house to watch the Laguna Beach fireworks display.
Tight like prom night.
Lost Mary and half the party that came with us in the hills of Laguna
That sucked.
And it taking Aaron and I 20 mins to travel 4 blocks from Myles' in that carnage which is the traffic out of Laguna.
Iam over it lol
Still goodtimes.
Time for my other news ...

Bought 500.00 worth of equipment that Iam taking back to Guitar Center.
I was able to get some decent sounds out of both.
But heres the thing.
Aaron is a bitch and I suck.
I will give you the aim message he left me.
astra kio (3:15:20 AM): o yea dudes regarding your newly acquired hardware, ask yourself the questions that costed me $2000 for not knowing them and if not taken seriously will cost you $500:

1. What am I buying it for?
2. Is it an accessory that will lead to other accessories?
3. WHAT are my projects and how does it call for this hardware?
4. Will it be used in conjunction with computer based projects? If so, how does it prove to be unique and unreproducible by the already existing sytem?
(e. g. ER-1 = Drumsynth; EA-1 = TS-404)
5. Have I come to a point where I can't continue making music without this hardware because the computer has limits and my skills are maxed to the point where this would be the only solution?
6. Will it pay for itself monetarily in your immediate project with it?
(Not can, will.)
astra kio (3:16:52 AM): and finally,
7. Do I have bigger, more fundamental things to finance?

astra kio (3:22:38 AM): my answers, 1999.
1. I like it.
2. um I dun think so... I dunno?
3. I want to make digital hardcore and I need a thing to make hardcore drums.
4. computers can make music? lol o you mean Midi. no.
5. I guess so I've been hearing and reading alot about how the music is done this type of drummahcine. I just wanted the "amen?" drumkit.
6.yea im', gunna make madd cash.
7. well I have been saving to fix up for my future el camino car, but that'll take forever so might as well splurge while i have the money..
astra kio (3:24:06 AM): I'm a cheap bastard so I have a thing against wasting cash.
astra kio (3:24:23 AM): g'nite man ;-). good-knight
astra kio (3:42:29 AM): Here's some inspiration for ya....
For those who think bedroom recording studios are solely the province of moody indie rockers, meet Daniel Bedingfield. The 22 year-old singer-songwriter, whose first single, "Gotta Get Thru This," has become a chart-breaking, #1 sensation, recorded the majority of his debut album, Gotta Get Thru This, in his bedroom, with the help of one computer and one microphone. "I did most of the recording alone in my bedroom and then tweaked it in the studio," Bedingfield says. "Seriously, I recorded half of that album in my underpants."

Ive answered those questions.

1. What am I buying it for?
To start a "real" techno pop band

2. Is it an accessory that will lead to other accessories?
Yes a mixer a sampler hardware FX kit

3. WHAT are my projects and how does it call for this hardware?
Techno/electro pop. Sort of.

4. Will it be used in conjunction with computer based projects?
If so, how does it prove to be unique and unreproducible by the already existing sytem?
(e. g. ER-1 = Drumsynth; EA-1 = TS-404)
The Drumachine yes. Those sounds are pure and not samples like I work with. The synth no. I have a mult.
software synths that are way better.

5. Have I come to a point where I can't continue making music without this hardware because the computer has
limits and my skills are maxed to the point where this would be the only solution?

6. Will it pay for itself monetarily in your immediate project with it?
(Not can, will.)
No ... but it can.

7. Do I have bigger, more fundamental things to finance?
A mode of transport.
And my DJing. My sole dream is to DJ my own parties and have loads of fun doing it.

So there it is people.
My brief but humble beginnings with hardware is over.
I realise something else too.
If I ever play live I will end sounding like The Faint.
Which fucking sucks.
Or Fischerspooner which rawks but Iam no performance artist.
I was a little pissed but I knew Aaron was right about the whole thing.
He would never steer me wrong.
Thats way he's my best friend ... a true bro.
Thank you return policy.

Sunday, June 29, 2003


It was hot.
But well worth the wait.


Finding 25.00
Jungle jungle
Planet of the drums
Fat Soundsystem
MC where very good.
Sean steppin in time ! (for his first time out he's pretty good)
Junglist shirt for 8.00
MC shoutouts for my high step


Seeing Lea too soon.
My lomo fucking me over and having to buy a disposable.
My ears are still hearing bassline and 2 step beats
Seeing that toxic pool of crap in the lake.
Trash everywhere.
Lack of water closets.
Some fags starting a mosh pit in the jungle area. Stupid gabbahs.
Everyother arena had really shitty music - the outdoor stage cuz I didnt hear anything.
Matt Lu not comming. You suck man.

I had a really good time.
Massivs and me are a rare case ever since Monster Massive 01
But this was really good.
::Double Dragon:: lol