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Thursday, February 07, 2002

Hello Hello . Today was a uneventful day of kickin it and chillen . I went to school with dan to do some homework in the library but that didnt work out for me because all i ended up doing was playing on the computers . Arrgh ! I need to finsh this Astronomy midterm paper . Yes i know midterms already :D . I got a ton of stuff to do . Number one on my list is getting a job . Iam a little discouraged though for some reason . I just need to get a job real soon thats all i know . I've been working on some stuff for my current side project William and Hurston . Its sort of like a techno-emo thing , I call it ... Teemo ! lol . A computer ... a mic ... and a tamborine . Only 7 days until Rubbish day . I<3 everyone who is without another on that day , be strong :) .

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

this is just a test post . Hello if you some how find my site before i really put anything up .