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Friday, February 15, 2002

So many haters are clockin my figures... lol from So Solid Crew's 21 Seconds . That track is all about them talkin about how much money they make lol. Well well as for me yesterday I sat in my room all day and played Xenogears . On wed. i went to Dieselboy/DJ Rap ... fuckin awesome(bostonian accent) ... aaron you missed out . Iam tired and i need to finish some homework . Iam so not used to school yet . This weekends activities :: possibly hangout with Lea , possibly go to show with aaron , possibly go without aaron , possibly go mental .

Special messages -

Aaron :: you and that damn newsletter . life is hard aaron . i would know . i'll cry with you aaron , comfort you , but i will not stand here and watch you make charms and origami ....xGETxUPxANDxDESTROYx !!!!! NOW !!! STOP LOOKING AT THIS BLOG AND DO IT !!!

Thursday, February 14, 2002

i hate today
not because i'm bitter
not because i'm unloved
but because i hate insincerity

i hate to know that today
so many things said
that should only come from the heart
are going to come from obligation

so many people
trying to get what they think they want
or keep what they have
rather than following their hearts
Just another rubbish day to me .
Time for me to go back to my room and play Xenogears , then make some computer music . lata .

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Damn Foot Locker ! Of course my shoes didn't come on monday. They came yesterday . Iam just glad they came :) . w00t w00t ! Science ! All is good ! lol . Iam having a good start today even though iam skippin' skool today because iam not feeling so hot this morning . Old skool ! Alvin and the chipmunks are on ! afmkdlwna gf! hmm iam still not done with the first part of my term paper lol . whatever , i'll finish it soon :D . I'd like to give a "big yup yo' chest" to Chelsa She fuckin rocks on da' tracka ! All those numbers ... hex .. dec.. help . Iam just glad for Fruity Loops :) . Only one more day untill the biggest POS day on the planet . I hate Valentines day .

Monday, February 11, 2002

Today is just another monday ... arrgh! I need to finish this frekken' astronomy shit .It's just sooo boring . I hate sitting there and watching all this uninteresting science crap . Iam never gonna use any of it :D . I gotta say to my good friend Will thanx for inviting me to dinner for Laura's birthday , it rawked ! Strange girl that Laura is , lol . Happy birthday to Laura . She's 18 . Laura is gonna face some strange years untill she turns 21 . Like most people do when they turn 18 . I say this because even though in the eyes of the law your an adult , your really not . At the moment I can't recall the girl's name who gave me a ride home on friday night but she told me something interesting about her musical tastes . She doesn't listen to anything without words . All music has words even the music of the techno/dance/electronic kind :) . Iam happy today because after a week of waiting Iam getting my shoes ! Shoes ! Science ! 3 days left untill trash day .I say sucks to Valentines day ! ::spin kick::