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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Heyhey people . It's time for another one of my fabupdates on my life . Today I ditched astronomy for like 90th time . I hate that class . I showed up , sat in for 17 minutes then left . Help me . I got the lowest score in my Sociology class on the first test . Thats right people a 33% ! I didn' know that fucking test was that day . I think iam failing all my classes for some reason . I dunno .lol . Whatever . I'll live . Its hard being out for school for so long . Iam wondering if I should go see the Faint . They're ultra sexy ! lol . Mmmm synthpop . . Check that out . Iam listening to Hi-posi in the library . They rawk . I wish i could make stuff like that . Someday Alex ... someday . I think William and Hurston will have there first single soon . Possibly with a bootleg spilt from Neojinx/virii ? Who knows ? Science !

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Bon Dia ! Iam tired . I got a ton of homework to do today . Why do i always put off doing stuff like that . Yesterday I considered getting a Livejournal account , geez that layout is boring . I like the colour fade on this one :D . Hmmm , let's see . On sunday aaron and I went to Myles' house . That was nuts ! lol .MYles stepped in dog sh*t , Then I come along and step in it too . So you know if I step in it Aaron's gonna do it too lol . Stepping in dog sh*t : 0$ , Using a sock to wipe some off : 0$ , The look on Myles' face when he discovers I used a sword from his He-man toy : Priceless . I think I got a job at IKEA . I hope so I could use some of that sweet sweet kizash . Lata .

Sunday, February 17, 2002

Special message edition -

Today I hung out with a certain somebody :D I had alot of fun like I always do with her . I ::heart:: her alot but I don't think she knows how much . She's always running into these jerks that sometimes make her mad or sad or whatever . That makes me upset because she deserves the best . Iam not the best . But I know Iam not the worst . I still have feelings for her even though she rejected me . My feelings in that non-friend sort of way have deminished alot but are still there .. haunting .. me .. with .. what if's ? and maybe's . Like maybe I didn't say the right things ? or what if I had been there more ? I should have been there more for her . Iam sorry for that . I hope she knows . I just wanna let her know that she is really special to me .