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Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Iam tried and sleepy . I dropped Astronomy . I need update this thing more often . Anywoo theres this cute girls profile i saw on . Check out her site . Very interesting . IKEA is one lame ass place . I wouldnt work there now if they begged me . Johanna has moved to the crappest place on earth . Texas . I hate Texas . Its hot ... boring ... hot ... overall i had a bad experance when i went in 7th grade with Thelma and Louise [me mum and her friend Rachel] to look for Rachels boyfriend . I went to place in the southern most point in Texas . I literally put one foot in the US and one in Mexico . The best part about that trip was upon my departure on the bus some guys got busted for drug smuggling . This dude looked really fat for some reason ... 12 pounds of pure Colombian coke strapped to stomach . Sociology is waiting for me . late .

Current Projects ::
William and Hurston [hiatus mid july]
Anime Expo Cosplay [production to begin mid april]
DV short for UCR [finished please email for a copy]
Summer on Mars [getting raw footage , currently in production , slated for Q4 release]