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Saturday, November 09, 2002

Hello out there in Internet land . I went out with "The Golden Girls" tonite . Angela , Justine and Jenny . 3 of the funniest gals I know . All three need men . Any takers ? email me . :) What ?! lol j/k . Oh before I forget .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY ! mwahahahaha ! Shes the big 20 today . We went to Buca Di Pepo . I love that place ! Then we saw "The Ring" . Ok everybody go see this movie . The hype is there . Shit was creepy . Hey Justine , I want the pieces of my arm back . My arm is already blue . lol she had this lo-fi scream that was really funny . Ok Iam going i have to get up early and go to work . I dont know if can sleep tonite . ::cry::

Current Projects ::
Mr. Ishimaru - Started new idea for track today while waiting for the girls to pick me up .
Needs microcassette recorder for quick ideas .

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Cripes . I really should write on this thing more often . I will now that I've entered the 21st century with a home line of my own . lol . hmmm some current news ... Iam working at a place called Stein Mart . It's like Macy's but with Ross prices . I know with the advert in my blog but whateva . Iam doing this Electro thing on my computer as we speak . I think you kids might like it . I just need to get some vocals going and Iam done . Yo Mr.Ishimaru wants a contract lol . After 2 years of beating around the bush I finally I told Jenny Lu how I felt about her . Which is cool because I know how she feels . Just in case you people dont know who Jenny is shes that sweet chica I met when I hung out with Lea like 2 years ago at Dreamfields(RIP) . Jenny reminds me alot of my good friend Johanna Heish . Which by the way movved again to Virginia ! Damn it Joe stop moving ! lol . I saw Jenny's drama dealiy tonite and last night . Those drama kids are pretty funny and it thought both nights where pretty funny . Bravo Jenny ! ::cheers , does the Macarena :: Ok ! this is it for me . I will hopefully write in this again soon . beibei .

Current Projects ::
Mr. Ishimaru [Currently 1 Completed track under this name , others with vocals will be finshed soon ]