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Saturday, November 16, 2002

Big news today !!!! My good friend Will Chernoff is getting married to Erin Taylor !!!! Congrats !! ::cry:: I always get emo when I hear news like this . ::turns on some Dashboard :: Will is a good man and so is his future wife , Erin . Shes a good woman , not a good man lol . I think there going for a spring marriage . Its gonna be sweet ! I was gonna write about my long 10 hour work day today and my encounter with a loud jamacian women but that all pales incomparison . OOOO ! I almost forgot ... Erin is gonna have a girl ! sweet ! Today is good day for some good news . Will is gonna be a good faaashur . Erin will be a model muuther . Breast is the best for babies Erin ... not you Will lol j/k . Ok iam gonna end this for today beibei .

Friday, November 15, 2002

Today was pretty cool . I hung out with Jenny Fujita , also known as J Fu in hip hop circles . Today was a good ending to a awful week . Let me begin . I had to wake up at 7.30a to get dressed cuz Jenny was comming . Of course I wait untill shes here to get dressed lol . So we go to her school . She brought a camera to take pics of her man . Jenny = lol when it came to that camera . She didnt know how to turn off the flash , So she took one pic of him with the flash on . So much for secret spy ! lol . So i figure out how to turn off the flash , alex = da' man . I saw this poor kid today , had the nicest boobs ... for a guy . Anywoo I'll do the "Rate the boy Jenny is stalking" thing on the bottom . So we go into her cal. class and guess whos late ? Jellyjugs . Running down the stairs ... boobs going up and down and stomping too ! I almost shite mine leaderhoosen ! Her cal. teacher is really hard to understand . We then proceeded to her O Chem class after a little detour to the arcade for some Beatmania Complete 2 and DDr . Jenny is good at BM but her DDr skills need work . Went to O Chem . I listened to the afterhours part of my Electric Stew Promo CD . Really good stuff . Jenny cracks her neck really loud . We then got my bus pass . Yay ! I save a bunch of kizash now ! We got lunch , played some DDr , and went to the movies . I saw my friends Cedric and Morgan (momo!) at UCI too ! All and all a very cool day with an even cooler person . I wanna give some bigUPs to Johanna in da' east up in da' V.Beach lol and Dr. Kim Jenny's O chem teacher that guy is fresh !

Rating Nathan by Alex .
I took into account the following .... looks and overall deminure .
Looks - average . Nothing too special about this guy in looks . The shirt he wore was horride today .
Deminure - high . Seems pretty confindate about himself but may be the type that needs a little push in talking to girls . Bonus points given because he smiled at Jenny when he passed by on the way to his next class .
So just based on these things alone i'll give him ............... a 7.999 . 7.9 on the ASBC (Alex Sexy Bitch Scale) is very high . Thats 7 points higher than William Do and 5 Points higher than Mike Hubbard .
These figures may change if I talk to him . Lower or Higher depending on Intelligence level and conversation prose .
Iam tired . What a busy day at work . I freaked out and lost it today . This old lady comes in and wants to return 2 jackets one with a receipt and one without . I tell her the usual crap ... for credit or cash back you need you receipt for the other jacket . Well she freaks on me . I forgot what happens after this point . About 10mins later Iam at the other registar covering my friend Brian for his break and I get a call from my boss telling me to go to her office . She tells me that I freaked out and told her that "This lady is freaking out on me" in front of the lady . I got the talk . lol . 99% of the time I usually very cool about things at customer service , but today was different . This week has been ruff . With Jenny and work and now fucking Dan ! Crikie ! I owe you 200.00 fucking dollars . Is it my fault that you forget to ask me for the money and now some people are after you ? NO ! Its not like I can't get the money . I do work . Its the fact that after all this time you pop up with this bullshit and then tell me to pay you in a week ?!? Let me fuckin pay you and get on with this shit . Iam tired of this ......... I need to die again .

Current Projects ::
Mr. Ishimaru - no updates .
Salvation Redbeatbox - On My Desk . Email for 96k mp3 .

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Yesterday was my day off. Went to DMV to registar Le Car . That really took a big chunk out my day . The only good part about that was the fact it only cost me $75.00 to registar the car . yay ! I also when to nickle nickle in Laguna Hills to play some DDr . It was perfect . Nobody was there and I had the machine all to myself . mwahahaha . Today was pretty busy . Work was hard . Iam tired . I got that Electrostew Promo .. its a really good promo . I overpaid for it but still good . Iam still a little sore from the whole thing with Jenny Lu . All I can do is leave it all behind and start anew . Thats all for me today . beibei

Current Projects::
Mr. Ishimaru - beginning of nu tracks , still in need of microcassette recorder for vocal ideas
Salvation Redbeatbox - On my Desk ... looking to get mastered for distro . Waiting for response back from engineer . Email me for 96k mp3 version .

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Somethings wrong with me . Girls don't like me for some reason . Well turns out the girl I like and I thought liked me ... thought about it ... and she doesn't like me now . Simple equation folks ... Alex likes = Alex will get hurt . Simple and true . My friend Morgan says that I wont have a decent relationship until Iam 30 . Iam starting to think shes right . I like the girl-type friends I have already ... I dont want anymore . So what Iam going to do now is stop trying ... I mean really stop trying . I try to hard . Look at me . I did all these things for Lea ... look what that got me . I was going down the same path with Jenny lu . Iam almost glad she stopped me . Because I really dont even want to talk to Lea anymore now that I think about it . Forget it . Let me end this chapter of my life with a message to those who have hurt me and I those who I have hurt .

For those who hurt me - Please dont feel guilty or anything like that ... you have taught me that I will never have the love I desperately want and need . To another ... after that incident and corner pointing towards a friend I knew where your loyality was , euro-trash is what you are .

For those I hurt - I crushed the soul of my best friend for the attention of another that I shouldn't have set eyes upon . To you Iam sorry and hope someday we'll be together again . To my other close friends who I did the same to but to a lesser extent ... Iam just as sorry for my actions and shittalk I said .

The birth of a new day comes , night will fall and the day will begin . It's time to start my day .