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Saturday, November 30, 2002

Today I was Monotone . I became the light and shone upon myself .
Please forgive me . For Iam dying there .
Everyday I go I lose a little piece of me . I become them .
I sacrifice . To dream and fly .
I sacrifice to live . Buying my freedom in small pieces .
Someday it will look small to me .
Monotone .

Friday, November 29, 2002

Hey everyone out there in Internet land . How did you spend your Buy Nothing Day ? I worked and spread my message to customers . It was really busy today . Iam really tired so my blog will be short .
End !

What project did I work on today ?
Bits and pieces of my current stuff .

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving everyone . I went to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner . I just got back like a couple of hours ago . I would have stayed but I have work tommorrow so my other uncle Peter gave me a ride home . Buy Nothing Day is tommorrow . Its a simple but festive hoilday in which I buy nothing and cause terror with my speading of the message of overconsumerism . I might put my flyer in bags when they check out . Its gonna be fun . Surprisingly I didnt eat as much dinner as I would have liked to . I dont really like turkey that much or ham . So I ate what I could . Too bad my mum was on this whole trip of "Family togetherness" or I would've had something really good lol . Well I did bring home her sweet potato pie which is really good . Too bad Iam bringing it to work tommorrow . lol . Cripes my little cousin Keith has gotten bad um I mean big lol . For a 2 year old he sure curses alot lol . That was funny . Damn I forgot to get my old Ron D. Core CD back from cousin Gerald . What a friggin stoner . He's gettin high before dinner and asked me if wanted to "Blaze up" . My response was "I'll kick your ass if you ever ask me that again . " Shit he knows how i feel about him doing that shit but he asked me if i wanted to , thats a slap in the face to us junor high guys . Ok I need my chocolate candyman before i go to sleep . Nite !

What project did I work on today ?
Made some techno . Used some piano . A little bass . 707 beats for some lovin .

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I came to this realisation about my job at Steinmart . I hate it . I can't stand retail . I was late for work today because of this . I just didn't care about being there on time . Shite this not what Iam gonna do with the rest of my life . Why should I stress when I can't get return approvals in a timely manner for customers ? Why should I care when lines bulid up and customers complain ? Today for the first time in a long time , I was calm . Not a moment of rushed stress from lines of yuppies/fuppies/demouppies/folkuppies pining for the lastest discounted crap made in a HK sweatshop . I like the people I work with . There some of the nicest people putting up with some of the most horrible crap Ive ever seen in my life . Iam working there so I can save up for turntables of my own or untill I find something else that I like to do . When I do quit Iam gonna burn bridges ... on film . Yes the day I plan on quitting I will bring in my digicam and film myself going at it . :) . Its time for me to goto Pleasure Dome 12 and find myself . mmmm robosexmachines rawk .

What project did I work on today ?
I started on this Bogan style DnB track . lol . Its like a C=64 ate someones SP1200 .

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Today went by really fast . I think its the atoms in the air due to the wind , making my centralized world go faster . The universe is liking me today . I got my cds in the mail today ! yay ! Kahimi Karie and Logans Sanctuary . Both really good cds . Today was a good day . I saw my friend Morgan today . She came to get her last cheque . She looks alot more happy . I wanna get out . Seeing Morgan like that made me realize something ... Steinmart is slowly sucking the life out of me . I need to get another job . I think I want to print again . Even though it was stressful at times I loved what i did . What you can do with a Cannon 1000 and a Fiery Colour Pass is amazing . I love printing . Did you know that crude oil production is going to start to fall next year ? Why you ask ? Because were running out folks . You can plant a tree or clone a animal but you can't get fossil fuel back . Let the Hydrogen Economy begin . Look it up if you wanna know more about this wonderful solution to our energy needs . Ok this is for me . Bei bei .

What project did I work on today ?
I will be trying to come up with lyrics for some of my tracks .

Monday, November 25, 2002

Just another fuckin day on the grindstone . Iam so tired . The only good part about my day was the following .... seeing a ladies skirt fly over her head due to 45mph winds lmao (trust me not a pretty site but still funny) ... and the day went by super fast . Hey I cut my hair ! Just the sides but iam gonna cut the mullet in the back maybe tonite . Cut the Mullet ... ya jerk ! Ok Wesley . Just dont headbutt me lol . When i perform on stage i should do something like that lol j/k . I dont think iam gonna be gimmicky like that . Iam going for the "Yea I brought my computer and my keyboard ... so what ?" type of thing . I just want people to dance . No standing around and watching me . Nothing to look at here kids . Maybe i'll have visuals . If i can get a cheap projector . meh . All this is far far away from now . Iam still trying to get the vocal logistics down . Fin .

Things I gotta do ::
Burn a copy of some of my stuff for ... Justine (tonite) , and Will/Erin (tommorrow morning)
Send pictures off to Tony on Monday (mum will do this tommorrow)

What project did I work on today ?
A little later iam gonna start up on some ideas i had at work today .
Damn I should have posted about 15 mins ago . Now its gonna look like a post multiple times a day on my blog . lol . Once again another day off and nothing to say . I worked my music stuff and whatnot in that area . Iam currently using some Sid C=64 sounds in that track I just started on today . I like those video game type sounds . Ahhh my youth . Only one week left untll Iam able to dye my hair a light brown . This friday or Saturday Iam gonna dye it . My hair is boring right now . I got one of those survey deals via email a while back so Iam gonna post my answers here .

Things I gotta do ::
Burn a copy of some of my stuff for ... Justine , and Will/Erin .
Send pictures off to Tony on Monday

What project did I work on today ?
Some electro . Simple . BD , SD + faux synth + a little alex majik = my electro project .

My Survey Results .

1.what is your full name?
Alex Augustus Hurston

2. Emo or sXe ?
sXe with the heart of an emo kid .

3. pepsi or coke?
neither ... mmm Sobe

4. what color pants do u have on right now?
Blue jeans (mmmm 4.00 at CHOC )

5. what song are u listening to right now?
My own track in progress .

6. what was the last thing u said?
what the hell did i say last

7. what is right next to u?
Midi Keyboard mmm good ol' oxygen 8

8. what is your computer desk made of?
IKEA Wood !

9. what are the last four digits of your phone number?

10. what was the last thing u ate?
Chicken tacos

11. if u were a crayon, what color would u want to be?

12. where do u want to go on your honeymoon?
only way iam getting married is if I get sent to prison and i need
protection lol . So iam guessing corner of a shower or top bunk of my cell lol .

13. who do u want to spend the rest of your life with?
Myself .

14. do u have a lava lamp?

15. do u like snow, sun or rain?

16. how is the weather right now?
cold cuz its night

17. have u ever smoked pot?
Fuck no !

18. what did u do last night?
Cleaned Shop and workspace / worked on some tracks

19. last person u talked to on the phone?
Jenny (J Fu , Akemi)

20. what's the nicest thing that u find in the opposite sex?
ha ! nice .

21. what's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Eyes ... what you can see is remarkable and Hair .
I love gals with cool hair .

22. who do u like?

23. how are u today?
lonely but i put on a good show for the people

24. how do u eat an Oreo?
I dont .

25. who makes u happy?
No one will ever make me happy .

26. Name the CD you've played most often in the past week ?
Electric Stew (promo)

27. dream date?
Me and Maki Nomaya shopping for records in Shibuya

28. hair color?
Dark Brown

29. birth date?

30. eye color?

31. height?

32. do u wear contacts?

33. siblings and their ages ?
half sister . 19 .. i think

34. what school do u attend?
Irvine Valley College

35. who do u consider your close guy/girl type friends?
aaron , myles , will , dan . Johanna , Akemi , Angela , Justine

36. what do u like to do?
Make music , and hunt around the CHOC/Thrift store for stuff

37. what's the best advice given to u?
If you really wanna do something in this world don't let
a little thing like money stop you . - Dan Raju

37. dream car?
88 Volvo wagon

38. have u ever won any special awards?
not really

39. what do u want to be when u grow up?

40. what are your future goals?
Finish School ... DJ ... Press a LP

41. fave music?
I have lots of favs .

42. fave food?

43. who is the funniest person u know?
I cant really pin that title on anyone person
everybody i know has there moments

44. some movies you've watched recently?
Amelie , Buffalo 66 , Ringu

45. fave day of the year?
Oct. 2

46. fave month?

47. fave girls perfume?
that one Johanna wears

48. fave men's cologne?
CK one

49. do u like to dance?
fuck yeah

50. are u shy to ask someone out?
i was but being that ive been shot down so many times
i dont even bother anymore .

51. fave name brand?

52. if u could change your name what would it be?
Ishimaru Takahashi

53. worst sickness u ever had?
The Summer cold i had in july

54. have u ever been in love?
HA ! overated .

55. what is the stupidest thing you've done this year?
made those fake ass AX badges for aaron and myles

56. what is your first son's name going to be?
something japanese or portugese

57. what is your first daughter's name going to be?
see 56

59. do u like scary or happy movies better?
neither but the ring got me out of my seat

60. on the phone or in person?
in person

61. day or night?

62. summer or winter?

63. lust or love?
sucks to both

64. hugs or kisses?
unrequited love will always get more hugs than kisses

65. if u could change one thing about your self what would it be?
hmmm my eyes .

66. do u consider cheerleading a sport?
girl cheerleaders = eye candy for horny old men and jock types .
male cheerleaders = horny young guys trying to get some cheer action
but never will .

67. do you consider marching band a sport ?
A real man's sport ... a very girly man .. but a
mans sport no doubt

69. what did u think of this survey?
fuck it . I need fodder for my blog today .