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Friday, December 06, 2002

Its about 10 minutes till 5.00a . Iam feeling like I have nothing to show for myself . When I write about how I feel it doesnt seem like enuff . I need to visualize my feelings about things through my stills . I would do DV projects but that stuff is for guys like Aaron and his kilt . I do some small 3 min shorts but thats about it for me and the DVcam . Only 9 more days untill my bordum ends . Sense I get an extra day off Iam going to decate that day to my 35mm camera project and book Iam going to do . The photobook is going to be about my friend Justine . Why Justine for a book ? Because I can thats why . :) . I think its going to a small book thing . Maybe i'll call it The Winter Break . I want it to look good so Iam going to make it myself . Iam gonna go buy some old hardcover books and the book out of those . This first one will be limited press . I will only make 10 . After that I will be begin the process of recording my own life through my camera TBA . Iam tired . Time for bed .

Things To Do .
Buy dye for hair , then dye .
Cut my mullet .
Shave . I havent done this in 2 weeks . I just looks like my face is really dirty .
Finsh Track and come up with vocals for at least one today .

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Just another busy day . Hey everybody . They cut my hours ! lol so instead of working 5 days a week iam only working 4 . No more blingbling just bling . lol j/k . Iam pretty happy because I got friday saturday , and sunday off ! mwahahahaha ! Meh . I paid for my camera today . 125.00 the camera cost me . Worth every penny . I gives me something to do . The first project Iam do is a book about my friend Justine . All taken with this camera I bought . Its just a 35mm camera with certain features that make this the 35mm camera to own . I know your like ... why didn't you get a digital camera ? I have a DVcam and if its digital I want motion with it . You can do the same thing with 35mm but I would have to take one more step but scanning the pic in then editing in Photoshop and if I really needed to . |\/|y pho+O5|-|OP s|<1llS 4r3 l33+ ! lol . FIN !

What project did I work on today ?
Planning book .
hmmm garage 2 .

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Today was a very busy day at Steinmart . Its so fucking lame the way they treat the people there . People from the store called corporate about Liz lol . Call Corp.- complain - complaint sent district head Vivan - She calls Michael Doubt - Michael Doubt heres message to corp. - knows who called - tells Liz - Liz "feels bad" - Liz plots against those who complained against her . Fuck that . Poor Greg . I cant even hang out with him after work because if someone found out about it he could fired . I know he can hang with who ever he wants but Steinmart made him sign an "Write up" with the effects of ... not seeing any employees outside of work for it makes Loss Pervention think you and the employee are in kahoots and ploting against the corporation . Sucks to this . Iam gonna stand and deliver . Today I had a line of 5 people waiting for a refund and there iam waitng for a return approval from a manager . This time 2 weeks ago I would have been freaking out . Customers complaning about the line and lack of help . This past week Ive just been like "I dont give a shite" . Why should I expend undue emotion over this place ? lol . And folks is it for me . Fin .

What project did I work on today ?
hmmm garage .

Monday, December 02, 2002

- To Corey John .
Although I never knew you my good friend Jenny Lu did .

Let your soul fly free in the stars above and sleep in clouds of white .
Look and watch for those in your heart .

Rest Corey John . Rest .

Sunday, December 01, 2002

I enjoied today for the following reasons
.... I ate pizza with me mum
... worked on my music
... wore my enjoi shirt
... unsuccessfully tried to install software on my mum computer
... it was great ... too bad I gotta go to work tommorrow .

What project did I work on today ?
A little of this , a little of that .