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Saturday, January 04, 2003

I had a most interesting day today . First it was the usual work work blah blah . Then I got off early to try and get a job from kohls at there HR trailer down the street from me . That was pretty cool . Then I came home and waited for Hid , Justine , and Jenny . I dyed Justines hair a Blue/Black that turned out "Fucking Great" according to Justine . lol . The funny part was that she was so .. soo ... um Justine about gettting her dyed lmao . All picky and it must be right or die attude about the hair lol . She freaked out when she though there was water on her shirt . LOL . Then got all nurotic about having her hair dryed that she went from door-to-door trying to borrow a hairdryer (my mum mine) . Now thats comedy ! :) After all that we went out to dinner at Buca and met Angela at the resterant . The picture frame you got for me very kawaii , Angela . Thanx ! I had a really busy day today and really good time with Hid and my girls . Iam soooo tired . Iam going to bed .

To do list.
Sleep .
Photo .

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Quick post today cuz I got alot to do between now and 1.30a . I went to dinner with Von and Will . Sushi was good but the service was horrible . Meh . I got to see Will and Erins nu baby ... really sugoi ! A cutie ! I also got to see the other house . Its like MTV did the inside . Ok I got alot to do .

To Do list.
Finsh Gregs resume .

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Happy nu year everybody ! Last night was interesting . I'll just make the highlites available in short form ... here we go !

Aaron killed his fish by putting cold water in the fish bowl
Aaron delayed a bit becuase he tried to "Reanimate" his fish by putting it in warm water (lol sorry about your fish mate) .
He picks me up and where off to Moreno valley to get Maebelle
Traffic , Traffic
Myles calls , hes at Aarons , were 30miles away .
Damn he should have came .
We finally get to Maebelles place .
Go to meet Maebelles other friends (Matt and Meranda?)
Off to the pub near UCR for some plastic soccer(Foozball), pool, and some street fighter 3 .
Then to the Dragons Layer for some more videogames .
I beat Max 300
Aaron hurt his leg busting his l33t DDr skillz
Then went to the Manntrains house .
Funny his house is a homage to his greatness . His parents regard him to "Godlike" status .
Aaron premired his movie to a small showing of mutual friends of Maebelle and Kevin .
lol Kevins dad wanted to show up Aarons 8 min. movie by showing 2 hours of "My Son is Faptabulous on Video"
Fuck that was lame .
Food . Freegan Pride .
Kevin played a CD from Rent and danced .
::insert P-flag here::
::and here::
Made those kids watch American History X .
::insert Heil here ::
::and here::
I swear I saw Kevin and his boyfriend making out .
ewww .
We had to go . Maebelles parents wanted her home by 10.00a .
Crazy ride with Maebelles family in the Aaronmobile .
Got there and waited for Jinny and Nina to come .
Jinny/Nina come
We go to Jinny's Dad's house .
Happy New Year .
Watched Korean Music Videos .
Good stuff . They wanna be like us .
lol .
Jinnys dad and step-mom come home .
Jinny and Nina go to sleep for Nina has to be home early that day .
Aaron and I stay up with Jinny's dad and talk .
He's a nice guy .
Sleep .
Wakes up after pushing babies toy .
Sleep .
Hears Jinny and Nina stiring about .
Sleeps sort of .
Wakes up again .
Jinnys Step-mom cooked us Korean BBQ for breakfast
Good stuff .
Said goodbyes and left for home .

Nu Years Eve was good stuff for me . I really enjoyed meeting Maebelle and all the people Aaron has spoke of in the past 2 years . Its like meeting people from a book ya know . Thanks to Jinnys Dad for letting us stay at his house and to Jinny's step-mum for cooking us breakfast . It was way better than the reststop and trashcan breakfast Aaron and I would have had . Thanx Aaron for bringing me along it was good stuff mate . I know I did wrong by you a few times this past year and Iam sorry for all that business . I hope that 2003 is more like 2001 because 2002 was a horrible year for me . I do have some resolutions .

No more soda .
More spin kicks .
Complete my music project .
Save money .
Get drivers licence .

Ok everybody . I hope you have good luck in the nu year and remember ... The Future is our Saviour .
Fin .

Monday, December 30, 2002

Well this has been a wild week . On Dec. 24 , 2002 I had the shock of my life . My hard drive crashed . Disk Failure . I freaked out . I got on my mums computer and in a panic AIM'ed Aaron . Everything is good now . Thanx Aaron for helping me out with my computer woes . I just fixed everything and got all my apps running again . Faced with hours being cut again Ive decided to get another job hopefully at a place called Kohls opening up down the street from me . That would be keen if I could literally walk to work . w00t w00t . My mum and sis saw my childhood friend Tracy Garcia at the grocery last week . Last time I saw her was my simply by chance earlier this year at IVC when I was registaring for class . Funny ... I was emailing her when my computer shut down . Sign from God ! lol . XXX-mas was pretty good . My extended family came by . I got to see my little cousin Keith (yeah the 2 year old who called me a bitch for not giving him the ball) . I got him this mini skateboard for christmas . I give him the skate and he knew exactly what to do . He wanted to oily but he doesnt have the leg strength to do it ... yet . lol . I got a standalone DVD player for XXX-mas and A Clockwork Orange on DVD too. w00t cuz my VHS of A Clockwork Orange went deaf and blind on me a while back . This is it for me .

[The List]
Develop all current project tins - This week
Recover and Revamp Electro/Techno pop project - This week .
Do my Budget for this month , pay bills and adjust savings for decreased salary influx - This week