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Shhhh ! Lets not talk about that now . Just start the machine and sing now .


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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Iam going to be the next GG ! King of italy ! lol . Time of bed . Night .
Fin .

Monday, January 06, 2003

Man it was windy today . Fallen trees and broken dreams . Meh . A certain friend of mine is going through some tuff times due to a fallen heart . I can only say that time heals all . How much time ? I dont know . You'll know when its over . Its ok to cry . I'll cry with you . I have . I may not be there in body , Iam there in soul . You have a piece of me in you always . On another note ... I wanna give a shot out to my homegirl in the east Johanna ! ::high fives:: When are you gonna call me ? lol . I want some applesauce . If you got any let me know . :) Time for some music .

To do list.
End the holiday ie. take down tree , decorations , put stuff away , ect.
Finsh making lyrics for song .
Develop Photos sometime this week .

Sunday, January 05, 2003

I really did do mush today . Got some hair supplys and a hair light . I started up some nu stuff with my music but I need some influx to really get my workflow going again . Its windy and Iam not feeling it right now so Iam done .
Fin .
Today was a good day . I went to work . On my way there I got some shots of the construction on culver and barranca with the lomo . At work no problems or anything today . I did get this headache today . I think its because my body is so used to the soda its now trying to adjust without it . I needed like 3 tylenol for it . After work I took the bus home . Sat in the back with the cute japanese girls (I love the way they dress) . The bus then shut down at culver and irvine center drive . We sat there for 15min and the bus driver was like anybody who wanted to get off was welcomed to do so . The cute japanese girls get off (aww). I went to the front of the bus to get a bus book to find out then the next bus is gonna come . I get one and on my way back the bus starts up ! Miracle from da dude upstairs for ol' Alex. I go home and rest up for some Bemani action at AI with Hid , Akido and Kats. I talked with all three of charlies angels tonite . Justine is back at UCLA , Jenny has work tommorrow , and Angela is .. still Angela lol :) . She was like I need to pay you back for that hat you bought me from that store at the block . Bullocks ! That hat was a gift . Angela you've known me since my 5.3ft days of terror our freshman year of high school. So you and I are pretty tight. :) If I wanted you to pay me back for it I would have asked. Likewise to all my friends. If I got it and you want it ... its yours. Ok people . Its very late and Iam very tired . soooooooooooo.....

To do list.
Sleep .
Photo .
Music .