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Saturday, January 18, 2003

Iam sic. This sucks. As I update my blog Hid and Akemi are out on a date. Good times , good times. :) . Iam feeling weird right now. Theres been some recent updates but I only write those in my analogue blog. I dont know what to think about that topic .. that I think about daily. I want to say something to that someone about my topic but I can't. lol. I know this sounds funny but I'll fill you guys in soon. I bought DJ Hells newest CD but the end of the very last track on the first CD is fucked! I think something went wrong when did the master. meh . i'll take it back and see whats up. Iam tired. Time for bed. ZZzzZzzz -_-

Thursday, January 16, 2003

I went to the movies today with Lea (not the Lea I dislike). Lea is funny lol. We saw Lord of the Rings ::Two Towers. Good stuff. That movie theatre was soooo cold. Made me nipples ice cutting hard ! Hey to all my guy friends who read this shes on MOC too. Username - xashopefallsx. Check her out ! :) . I got home and slept then worked on some music. Man I need some insperation for my music. I going to have a busy weekend with work and pictures on sunday. Ok iam done.
Hmmm I havent done a real update in a week. Sorry about that guys but its been a slow one until monday ... Well my bro's Hid and Kats are moving to Japan . Sanda in Hyogo per. to be exact. Its really sudden. I was really sad at first but now Iam like its gonna be pretty cool. Its not like i'll ever see or talk to them again. I know they'll be back :) . Today was cool too cuz Kats , Hid , Akito , and I went to AI. It felt pretty good to hang out with everyone at AI. One of the last times we hang together for awhile. For roughly 500.00usd (reserve 3 months in adv.) I can go to Japan :) My game is getting a little better on 2dx/pop/DDr. Iam gonna try and get good at 2dx so when I go and visit I'll rawk hard ! lol. Ok Iam a bit on the tired side and I gotta meet up with Lea (not that mean girl from garden grove) at the block and I have to take the bus there and that gonna be sort of a bitch todo lol.


******** Another Edition of the Alex Sexy Bitch Scale**********
This one is for my departing bro Hid .
On the standardized classic scale of 1-10 (1 being Jim G. in a man thong and 10 being SUGOI !) .... Iam gonna have to give Hid a 10 .
Hes got it all folks ... Brains, Talent , Looks . Hes a Triple Threat ! SUGOI !
Iam not giving him a 10 because hes my bro and Ive known him sense 6th grade but because of all the qualities he shows on a daily basis.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Sorry i havent updated this thing. Theres just not much going on. Justine says I should update it. Your right Justine. :)
Fin .