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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Lets see... I got to see Aaron and Jinny yesterday which was cool. Gramski bought me this sweet ass shirt from Berkley. Its a 808 shirt ! Iam gonna say going Justine would say. Fuck Yeah! I love that shirt. Aaron still knows how to whip a horses funky ass. He also brought me these playing cards , there pretty cool. Next time I hang with you kids we'll play some Poker with em' :). Iam still recovering from my cold. ::sniff sniff::. Well today was good and fast. Work kills. Iam pretty tired. Other than that and working on musica. Its been pretty normal. Normal sucks lol.

Monday, January 20, 2003

Sic. Help. lol. The J-Fu Crew -1(Angela) went to get the pictures at the pose place. They turned out pretty good. Wanna see? Go go ! I dont take a good picture. lol. I did at Anime Expo. I should post that one too one of these days. You know who takes a really good pix0r? Gramski. That bitch always looks good in his pics. lol. That DJ Hell mix is tearin it up! Shite Iam jackin' my body right now. Today was MLK day. A day off in honour of a good man. Remember his speech and know what he did to change history. Well short and sweet today I guess. -_- ZZzzZz sleep.

Email me for info. on some stuff Ive been working on.
Well Iam still sic people but Iam feeling alot better. I hung out with Hid , Justine , and Jenny (otherwise known as J-Fu). Its was absolutely brilliant! I had a really good time. Damn Angela. You should have came. Next time we hang out together I'll make it just as good as this time. Well started out my day by ditching work. Iam too sic for work but not to hang out :). OOOO I got a call from my distant left coaster Johanna. Big ups to Johanna ! Damn you called early this morning. lol. 12.00p est = 9.00a pst remember ? hahaha j/k. Anywhoo ... Jenny calls me to tell me that shes gonna pick me up at 2.00p at my house. Well having sometime I drop some Dayquil and pop some Tylenol in prep for my day. I start working this track and then get dressed. Jenny calls and Iam out the door. We pick up Justine then go to the fabric store for some stuff for the band dance. I got into a small scuffle ... I got out of Jennys car and bumped a truck with the door. This guy comes out and freaks out. I didnt even scratch his shite. Jenny pulls up to the other parking spot. I wanted to get out and beat the guy like 96' for talking to me like that. It was the sickness talking. I get that way when Iam sic. So to cool off I go and get some meds at Rite Aid but I then decide to goto Vons. On my way back the guy is waiting for me. He starts this whole song and dance about his car. I unleshed on him. I just remember cursing him out and watching him get into his lovely truck and driving away. Jail time averted ! lol. SO we finish up there and head off to the Block for some pictures. Discovering that P.O.S.E at the Mainplace mall is cheaper we head off to the pictures done there. We got to take the pics but I havent seen the proofs yet but hopefully we will tommorrow. After that we goto El Torito. After days of chicken broth and a slice of apple pie ..actual food is a welcome change. After that we went to the Block once more but for a movie show. We saw Chicago. A very very good movie. You must see it. We went home after that and Iam here writing this blog so I guess thats it. lol . NITE !