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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Yesterday I went out for a movie with Aaron and Jinny. We saw Final Distination 2 ! That shit was crazy. Death was really into gore this time. A must see! Today I was supposed to be getting ready for Justines dance next sat. Instead I took my mum for breakfast and talked on AIM. Took a nap. Worked on some tracks. Took mum out for chinese food. I found a cool belt for Justine at Laguna Hills Mall. The stuff I need is at Mainplace so mum is going to pick that stuff tommorrow. Iam pretty nervous about the dance thing. I want everything to work out correctly. lol . Iam listening to 103.1 . Good stuff if your local. Iam also listening to Flashback Disco Saturdays on 103.4 . I'd say thats the one type of music that makes me really dance. There are like a bunch of disco moves and disco is a internationaly recognised dance form. I want one of those I love Disco shirts. XL if you see one. lol. Do the Hustle !

UCLA Marching Band Dance prep list .

Get my clothes. (almost there :) )
Find Pink Tape.
Learn to drive better on freeways. (test drive is scheadualed for Friday the 7th)
Make mixCD (Gramski you have music I need for the mix)
Finish my own track for mixCD (still working on it)

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Today was a day of decision.
I decided that I no longer want to pursue it.
I dont like waiting for anything.
Maybe others are right .
Maybe they'll come to me ....
I know this will not happen.
Its best to talk and never be seen.
Seeing myself I saw the other image.
Go away.
It never will.
I will be as I am right now untill I depart.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Hey Johanna ! I told I'd put you in my blog. lol. Ive spoke of her in my blog a couple of times. Heres a little info on her. She went to IHS for a little bit my 2nd year there. Johanna is a mover I tell you what. This is how it went ... Irvine-Orange-Lake Elsinor-San Diego-Texas-Virgina. Cripes! Well I think shes gonna stick around Virginia Beach,CA for a while. Yea, Johanna is a cool girl and is gonna find some hot bastard in VA that will do her up ! lol j/k jojo! I have a lot to do with in the next week and couple days leading up to the day of UCLA marching band dance. I'll make a small list at the end :). Today was ok. The store is in a frenzy over the inventory. LAME ! I dont work the sales floor so I dont gotta worry about it. Ok its the list and iam off this thing.

UCLA Marching Band Dance prep list .

Get my clothes. lol . (sorry I havent done this yet Justine lol)
Find Pink Tape.
Learn to drive better on freeways.
Make mixCD
Finish my own track for mixCD

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Yay! I got my tax cheque! The whistles go wooo woooooooo! Well another day of slave labour at work. I did meet a UK 2 step garage girl. Trainers and Tuff Jam playing in her car. Sorted! I didnt know that my tax cheque would be this big. 451.05usd. I was thinking 300.00usd. Today was a good day. Sleep alex , sleep. -_- ZZzzZZz

Monday, January 27, 2003

I did my taxes ! w00t ! 300.00usd extra to my name ! Well Iam happy for that. Work was a drag cuz Greg the coolest guy (next to Gil) is quitting. Meh. Sucks but we all have to come on or move down ya know? I got my shirts from those indy shirt makers today. Goodstuff. I think I ordered black but I got grey so Iam trying to figure out whats up with that. I got the 4 track mixer logo and the skull n' crossbone shirts. I also got my Interpol CD today. Also goodstuff. Iam gonna use the 300.00 for my DMA class at OCC , nu headphones for editing , nu pants/shirt for dance and my car rental fee for Justine's band dance :). So people my tax money has already been spent XD . For some reason Iam listening to this art rock/indy synth band called The Verticalville. It came with my shirts. Good for listening or Samplin' ! I lost about 3 weeks worth of photographs today. I lost a tin on the bus. FUCK ! Pissed me off. Iam over it. I'll take better shots that well put that series to shame. I made a nu break today. I might make a jungle/DnB track. I dont know yet. Let you guys know if I do. Iam gonna finish up some stuff and hit the crowd um I mean hay.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Sorry Akemi. Iam a bit off in my blog deadline. lol.

This is sort of a post of goodbyes and birthday wishes.

To Hid and Kats.
I'll miss you guys. Hanging out and playing Bemani games rawked. Hid Ive known you sense the 6th grade. So its tuff knowing that your gonna be so far , but I know you'll be back sometime soon.
Kats you are a weird guy. lol. Iam gonna get good at 2dx ! Your keyboard is in safe hands. :)
Good luck in Japan !

To my comrade Gramski.
Sharing in your birthday is an honour to say the least. Aaron 20 years young. I remember when you were just some punk with lots of ideas and a affliction for colouring ones bramblepatch ! Your a good man(train) Aaron. :)
XXX 4 Life ! 1 year until the real test begins.

A song that I like that reflects my feelings .....The Strokes - Someday ... go get it :)

I ain't wastin no more time.

..... Fin.