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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Well it looks like theres a 99.9% chance that iam in DMA253. Really interesting class. Hillary is very nice. Iam going to use this opportunity to get some video in with my digiCam and shots with my Lomo(maybe). The first project in the class is a poetry thing. Sort of picking a poem or song and interpreting it through video. Iam going to use my own work. Poem and music all by me. :) . Saturday is fast approaching. Iam going to get a hotel room so I dont have to go home that late. My mum is going to come with so we can go shopping on sunday(if iam off , bleh). Iam currently working on a track. So I better get back to that.

UCLA Marching Band Dance prep list .

Get my clothes. Done !
Find Pink Tape. (Hmmm I dont know about this ?)
Learn to drive better on freeways. (tommorrow)
Make mixCD , and get battery from gramski for digiCam.
Buy advantix film and DVtapes.
Finish my own track for mixCD (still working on it)
I got some supplys for the accents and whatnot. Work on those tommorrow.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

I had the longest busiest day at work today. Seems like when I one person comes to make a return 3 more friggin come. sigh. Tommorrow is hopefully school day for alex. I gotta petition to get into the DMA253 course. Right now the chances of my getting in are up in the air even with Gramski's help. It would be cool if I got in. Wish me luck. :) Well I was working on music and trying to figure out what type of mixCD I should make. Iam wondering if they'll even play it. I dont want to put a lot of NRG in if I can't play it there lol . Hi-Nrg ! ::hands in the air:: w00t w00t! My mum got my belt and shirt. yay ! It looks pretty good. I just need my pants and pink accents and Iam done! I got my Kahimi Karie CD yesterday. That is good stuff. My face itches. I should shave, but I have to wait untill saturday for the clean look. I just look like a dirty hippy with all this facal hair. Iam sooo tired. I should turn in early. I feel the sandman. -_- ZZzZZzz

UCLA Marching Band Dance prep list .

Get my clothes. (just need pants)
Find Pink Tape. (still looking)
Learn to drive better on freeways. (test drive is scheadualed for Friday the 7th)
Make mixCD (Gramski you have music I need for the mix)
Finish my own track for mixCD (still working on it)

Monday, February 03, 2003

I havent shaved in 2 weeks .
Waiting untill Sat. before Justines dance for the clean look .
Excited .
Bought Cologue .

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Nothin going on today. Mostly it was work. I didnt bring my skate so I walked it. Thats ok gave my some time to think about some stuff. I did go to pasta bravo with J-Fu. MMmmm pasta bravo. Iam currently making this track for the CD Iam bring to Justines dance. lol. Iam almost there. ok gotta go!