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Friday, February 14, 2003

Damn Gramski. I was hoping for some fist pumping spinkicking hardcore dance action. You sucka totally ditched me. Next time I see you its beatdown j/k
Meh Iam glad I didnt spend the 12.00 bucks + for Bleeding Through. Iam facing a 100.00 photo bill tommorrow. I dislike waiting untill I need my photos developed then having to take a big hit at once.
Arrgh. lol. Oh well. My art. ART !
I should be able to go and pick them up tommorrow or sunday.
Then you all will bow before my photo l33t skillzors !
Well I guess its about time I start putting up the projects list again.
Iam going to be very busy for the next 3 months of my life.
So I guess I should keep you druqz informed of my projects again.
I talked with Grill my supervisor today about some stuff Ive been dealing with.
Grill = Rawk and good guy.
The speaker blew out in my area. So I couldnt even hear anything from the muzak radio today.
I guess it was for the better. All I kept hearing was Squarepushers - Coopers World , Squarepusher theme and lots of The Jam playing in my head. lol
Good stuff.

Current Projects .

DMA Work - Poetry Project. 2% complete. Current workflow thoughts. Finsh Poetry by Wed. and start looking places to shoot.
Music - A little of this a little of that. Currently no real focus on a particular subject.
Fashion - Drawing up a shirt design. Collaborate with Mum on fabric choices.
Welly welly well. Why it is Valentines Day . Time for me to give some birds to give the ol' in out in out to or maybe a bit of the ultra violence in the form of a sXe hXc show?
Iam a offical OCC student. I paid all my fees (140.00 ouch) and Iam working on my poetry for the first project in class.
Hopefully if Gramski's not to tierd we'll goto Bleeding Through today. I need to let out some pent up emo rage on the dance floor.
Just a couple of spin kicks and floorpunchs and I'll be good for awhile. XD
Iam feeling slighty depressed. Even though Iam doing good. I feel like I could be doing so much more. Iam hoping this class will help me find the missing piece of my puzzle.
Today is Valentines Day otherwise known in particular circles as Single Awareness Day (lol Miju)
Meh. Iam indifferent when it comes to VDay. It does sort of make me think of my lack of girlfriend but then again Iam pretty happy. I've been a single guy for a long long time so Ive gotten used to it.
I have no idea when I'll find another but I know when to give up and when to move on to something else. :)
Someday ... everyone tells me you'll find someone .... ha. Comical at best.
So Alex you've finally given up?
Yes. Yes Iam finally giving up the pursuit of a girlfriend.
The pursuit has proven to me that girls dont care about the guy whos willing to go out of his way to be a true gentleman or like the quiky crazy guy thats me.
It is done. Finished. Goodbye.

Monday, February 10, 2003

Instead of making a real entry I'll just put some lyrics to a song I think about often. The song is Someday by The Strokes. Download it or buy the CD.

In many ways they'll miss the good old days
Someday, someday
Yeah it hurts to say but I want you to stay
Sometimes, sometimes
When we was young oh man did we have fun
Always, always
Promises they break before they're made
Sometimes, sometimes

Oh, my ex says i'm lacking in depth
I will do my best
You say you wanna stay by my side
Darling your head's not right
I see alone we stand together we fall apart
Yeah, I think I'll be alright
I'm working so I won't have to try so hard
Tables they turn sometimes.
Oh someday.
I ain't wasting no more time.

Trying, trying.

And now my fears, they come to me in threes
So I, sometimes
They fade my friend, you say the strangest things
I find, sometimes

Oh, my ex says i'm lacking in depth
Say I will try my best
You say you wanna stay by my side
Darling your head's not right
I see alone we stand together we fall apart
Yeah, I think I'll be alright
I'm working so I won't have to try so hard
Tables they turn sometimes.
Oh someday

I ain't wasting no more time

To Justine .

I know your still pretty sore at me for fucking up your kaaza. I should have fixed it before I left like I said I would. Iam really really sorry that I did that modification to your kaaza without talking to you first about it. It wasnt intentional I swear. I had a really good time with you at the band dance. I hope my invasion of your personal computer space doesnt hinder the good time I hope you had that nite. I should have known before not to touch your stuff. I feel like crap right now because of it. Once again Iam sorry.

Welly Welly Welly Well. Hello my fellow druqs. This is another entry from your favourite friend and fellow druq Alex. This is a special one. For I had one killer weekend. No no no , It wasn't a bit of the ultra violence or the ol' in out in out. It was better. Let me begin ....

02.07.03 : Friday "Y$%&QY%&HBFA!!"

Mum picked up the car then came for me at work. I came home stumbled around for clothes then my mum, sis, and I were off to UCLA for my test drive. Met up with Justine. Saw her room and the dorm area. Funnest thing about Sproul Hall is that it looks like one of those high rise soviet apartment blocks in the middle of Moscow circa 1958. Everywhere else around the block is really nice.
Go here to look at my 5 min very very rought draft of Justines room.
I did drive to UCLA and back. People are crazy drivers up there. I came home and went to sleep.

02.07.03 : Saturday "The Craziest Day I've ever had"

My day started at 7.00a. I couldn't get any sleep.So I was very tired. Mum made some breakfast and started to make calls to the hotels in the area. I started to get my things in order. I needed to hem my pants and make a tie. I also needed to wash clothes so I started all that. I hemmed my pants, and took another tie I had and made a template for my pink tie. Finshed the tie and ironed my shirt. Mum did my hair. I put the clothes in the dryer and got into the shower. I wish I had a picture of my latin pop star style beard before I shaved lol. I got out of the shower, got dressed. Packed up my shirt and bag and everything I needed.
Its now 1.30p. Iam not nervous. Ok I am a little.Damn it Aaron where were j00! I was going to start getting footage for my video and I needed the battery. Meh I had to get some film for the Advantix, glue sticks, sharpie, and taco from Hanks. We finally leave OC. Its 2.30p. I said I would be at UCLA 3.00p. Anxiety grows as we hit traffic block after traffic block. Iam listening to the CD I made for the dance and some other stuff. So thats helping me out a little. Geez. We finally get to the hotel at 4.30p. I dropped off mum and I was off to UCLA for the dance.
Its 5.15 and Iam at UCLA. Iam scared and nervous. I get a parking permit. I drive to the parking structure. I parking in the 2nd level parking area , get out grab my longboard and iam off. I meet up with Justine and went to meet her friend Megan at her dorm. I hope I got her name right. Her dorm is bling bling nice. OOO lol. Funny thing happened before that. Justine couldn't find Megans room so she knocks on someone door and askes if she can use there computer to IM her. LMAO ! Thats a bold gal ! Just like the hair dryer ! So we get to her room for some meeting and greeting. Nice girl, likes Donnie Darko.Heres what character from the movie Iam

Which Donnie Darko character are you? by Shay
Slight Detour. Come back and finish this. We come back to Justines room. She needs to get ready. I brought alot of supplies but only ended up making a pink clear vinyl faux belt and arrow for my tie and one for my pants pointing to my crotch. lol. Where I got that from who knows ? :) . Well this is the part where Iam waiting and I fux0red Justines Kazaa up by installing the lite version without her permission and pretented to be Justine on her AIM talking to J-Fu and telling her that I wasnt comming. The AIM part was funny. The other I have repentance to do. I shall after Iam done with this.
Soooo ... Iam gonna say Justine is ready, her hair is cool, and her dress is awesome. The faux pink vinyl belt and pink studded belt and big black belt are on her and the pink temporary hair frost is in.
Its 7.00p. We're late. We are supposed to meet up with Justine's friends for dinner. Whitney and Ben. Justine called Whitney and tells her we'll be there at the meetup point at 7.15p. We get there a little early. By the way did I mention Justine is going crazy at this point? lol Well you were Justine. She called Whitney to say that we where there waiting. I took a picture of our shoes together. She wanted to call her again. lol. Techinally we where the ones that were late. So I figure that they would be down shortly and told Justine to relax while I looked around at two girls studying, people eating dinner down stairs through the glass window and people walking up and down the stairs with laundry. I sort of forgot how nervous and anxious I was before. Justine was freaking out for the both of us. Whitney and Ben come down and were off to dinner. Damn that was a long walk down to Westwood. We went to a pizza place for dinner. Whitney and Ben are very cool people. Ben = music major , Whitney = likes to Salsa dance. LOL I forgot this little thing that happened on the way there. This man with this really high pitched voice said good evening to us. I said good evening as we walked past. Freaked me out. Dude souned like he had sucked on the tip of a helium tank. So where hanging out and talking at the table waiting for the pizza to come. I fired everyone that nite. Justine for talking to J-Fu , Ben for saying that the guy with a high pitched voice was a unick, and Whitney for, um, I can't remember why I fired her but she was. LOL. We split a pizza so it was half veggie half sausage. The veggie side was ours. Damn the pizza was hot and hard to eat. I had to use mind powers to control the pizza. It was good stuff. So we talked some more and then it was time to head off to the dance. Dansu Dansu !
Cripes my hands hurt. Its like 11.35p and I still have some more to type. Ok here goes ...
So its 9.00p(?) and we make the exodus to the place where the dance is at. We passed by the construction site for the nu hospital to be completed in 2004. It will Justine and your gonna owe me $5.00usd! We also passed by the UCLA jail. Thats where they keep those drunken frat boys when they get crazy. lol. They should just make that a frat house. :) . So we finally get there.
Justine and I danced pretty hard and that was it.
The End.
I wish it was that simple. lol.
Not many people where there.... yet. Well it was like 9.30p. I gave the selecta (BO!) my MixCD. He played 2 of the tracks on it. Good stuff. The Strokes- Someday and Daft Punk- One More Time. He had those Pioneer CD decks that made me chuckle a bit at times. Tip to anybody who wants to spin ... CD decks are a tool in supplement to the record decks. The only cool part about those things is the onboard effects unit. Made him sound like he was doing something. Justine is a pretty good dancer. I'd have to give her a 10 on the AHDS (Alex's Hot Dancer Scale). I was going to mark down for improper dance shoes but if we where at lets say Sky High or some other exclusive club I would be in the wrong with my trainers. Hmmm the mix was .. weird to say the least. I took some really good pictures. I should have those developed by tuesday. Well I guess someone requested Country. Bootscoot and all that stuff. I swear just about everyone got into it. Friggin lambs lol. It started with 3 people doing it. Then all these people figured out the steps and it was over then. Justine couldnt figure it out, neither could I. Sucks to that. Justine and I are too cool for that anyways. There was the group circle where we sang that Jimmy Buffet song Margaritaville ? Cripes I can't remember the name but that doesnt even matter cuz I heard that song sparcely over the years. So remembering how the song went was troublesome for me at first. In addition theres that band thing where they add extra stuff in the song to through you off. Funny but pretty cool. There was a conga line and a limbo thing. Both being very funny to watch. When Justine made the attempt that was funny(see why I didnt do it Justine?). Ben was tearing it up. That is one flexable guy. I'd say the funniest part of the whole nite was the strange slow dances Justine and I had together. Well the music that the DJ played for the slow dances wasn't really slow. So it was a bit confusing. I stayed in Panama the whole time so I did pretty good. heehee. I felt very cool the whole time. Like all the anxiety and nervous energy totally went away. I had a really good time. I hope Justine did. So the lights came on the last dance was playing and we decide to cut out a little early we goodbye to Whitney and Ben then started the exodus back to the dorms. Justine was walking real slow. Understandable of course shes wearing heels and its like -20 degrees outside and is wearing a dress. So kudos to Justine for braving the way back. My face was cold. brrr. I took Justine for a small drive. In order to do that I needed to get the car....

02.09.02 Sunday "Hey ever been to LA and SD in the same day?"
1.30ish. Justine waited at the corner while I went to the car out of the parking structure. Well Iam glad she didnt come. I had to walk up this hill and then up these flights of stairs only to discover that I went the wrong way. I finally found my way to the car and picked her up. Left UCLA and went onto sunset. Thought I went the wrong way turns out I was going the right way the whole time. lol. Went out to sunset. Busy, traffic,mess. It was insane for a 2.00a sunday morning. Took a alt. route then backed around to sunset again. There soooo many people out there. I think there was some sort of rap thing or something because there where alot of black people and spanish out there. I never see them on sunset that late. The cops where out there. Cripes. Justine was a freaked out. I played it cool but secretly I knew if a fight broke out or whatever they would take it to the street and guess who was out there to get a window broken or whatever. So Iam glad we got out of there in a hurry. Trust me Justine not all of hollywood is like that. I'll take you to a nicer and better part next time. Justine meationed that the whole krue should come too. Sometime soon we should all go to LA. Well I took Justine back to UCLA and picked up my stuff from her room. OOO Once again Iam forgetting another thing. Well I had paid for a daytime parking permit. It expired at 12.00a. I didnt know this. Justine = Brillant. What does she do? Yes, she lifts the gate up and I drive under it. Fucking cool. So I say Tchou to UCLA and go back to my hotel room. I should have just slept in the parking structure or something cuz I dont remember the drive back. I had like 5 hours of sleep the nite before so I was really tired. I think I feel Well I got back ok. Crawled up to the lobby and made a call to Justine. Then crawled up to the room and passed out. I think mum was talking to me. I cant remember what time I woke up but I just know it a little before Justine called me. That call woke me up good. I went outside and they was this parade thing going on. So I grabbed my camera and took some shots. I came back up and mum was like we should check out and thats what we did. I asked what we where going to do today and I was like lets go to downtown and get some material. Then she was like lets go to San Diego and see aunt V. Iam guessing we left LA at 12.30p. We got to Oceanside at 2.30 and shopped around. Then we went off to Carlsbad. I found a Boomers! They had DDr Extreme !!!! I played for a hour then we went off driving. I saw the nu CSU San Marcos campus there buliding. Really really nice. They have friggin dorms !!!! I might wanna go there. We saw aunt V and hung out with her and the boys for a bit. Then we left at 7.00p. Got Chinese and came home. Watched The Simpsons. Then I started writing this at 9.30p. Egad! Well hope you enjoyed this very long entry.

Fin !