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Friday, February 21, 2003

Oh shite I gotta update this thing .
Hmmm Iam going to change the thing about my music.
I feel like everyones doing electro/pop now.
So Iam going back to my first love and reinvent that.
Techno Pop.
Kraftwerk did it. So did LFO and Denki Groove.
I havent heard decent Techno Pop in years.
So Iam going to start my quest on making a Techno Pop outfit of my own.
Woo !
Its going to be tough but Iam glad.
I mean I still love the Electro and Iam going to draw influences from that too.
But this is a better choice for me right now.
i can be more creative with it and express faster beats too !
::goosebumps:: Finally ... I get to go past 130bmp.
144 here I come !
Hey I got my bus pass from J-Fu today at work.
She got to see me in my most unatural state.
lol. Thanks for the pass J-Fu .
I had Bulba with Aaron and Jinny.
Aaron showed me that new Kylie video.
Unbelievable !
Good show.
Ok Iam getting cable modem tommorrow.
Yay !
Ok time for sleepies . -_- ZZzzZZzXXXZzzZz

Current projects .

Nu ! Techno Pop Outfit. Iam going to do things right this time. :)
Working on music for video. Preping for shot location Las Vegas ... maybe.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

I did alot of scanning today.
I had a BLT and went to Oscars.
mmmm lemon chicken.
Ummm yea.
I scored a 70 on J-Fu's test and by some 7th sence I have I got a 100 on Miju's test.
Those were hard.
I should make one.
Meh my test would be hard.
Only my closest friends know whats really going on in my head.
keeekekekekee .
Ok I have work tommorrow which sucks cuz I dont wanna go.

Current Projects.

Working on video music and shot locations.
5 chambers are empty.
The last is my kiss.
The love I seek is there waiting , calling.
Finally the last kiss will be painless.
Unlike the many other final kisses.
This will be the sweetest of them all.
Kiss me. Kiss me Kiss me.
Kiss ... me ...


Current Projects.

Happy Scan Day , Music Day tommorrow.

Monday, February 17, 2003

I should probably update this .
Yea .
Oh I got the pix0rs back.
I will seperate and post when I can .
Umm I am tired and have deadlines to meet.

Current Projects.


Sunday, February 16, 2003

Geez the japanese really know how to make a drama.
This one Iam watching is really really good.
First Love is what its called.
Today was my day off.
Really unproductive.
Well I did work on some tracks.
I need to come up with some lyrics and fast.
Deadlines suck.
I have untill wed. to come up with some meaningful lyrics for some track or else Iam going to forget about using my own stuff for the first video project.
Damn Aaron with that row row row your boat shite.
Why I can I be that simple? lol.
Ok time for some more brainstorming.
I should wash my clothes.
I have no clean socks.

Current Projects.

DMA work - Poetry Project. Arrgh. Writers bloc hit me. I cant come up with anything for my project. Wed. wed. ... help.
Music - Worked on my own stuff today.
Fashion - Damn mum. Lazy ! lol LA will have to wait untill next sunday.
I wish my druqs where around.
I feel a might ripe for a bit of the the ol' ultraviolence. lol
A Clockwork Orange.One of my favourite movies. I wish I could be more like Alex in the movie sometimes.
Hmmm today is now Sunday so I guess you can say later today Iam gonna go to LA and get some fabric for shirt designs.
Yay for shirt designs.
I started the groundwork for my poetry video with my track.
I need to finish the lyrics by Wednesday.
Hmmm ... nothing else really going on.
I should go and pick up those pictures from Fromax today.
Iam gonna have to scan em' then send the 2nds to Justine.
More work. lol

Current Projects .

DMA Work - Poetry Project. 5% Complete. Thoughts on Lyrics need to come to me. Now. Must ... finish lyrics by Wed. for studio time with Gramski. Start looking for places to shoot
Music - The track Iam working on is for my DMA class. Currently Iam calling it Piano Test. Its has this trip hop thing going. I'll put some classic Electro flare into the mix for that Alex touch.
Fashion - Collab with mum. Fabric @ Fashion district LA today. Looking for soft cotton ... grey and black.