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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Today was a surprise party for Aarons 20.1 birthday.
His birthday was like a month ago lol.
We all had a good time.
BoooYaaaa ! ::high five Momo::
We went by Jenny Skiff's tonite after the party at Islands.
She just had her beautiful baby boy.
Congrats Jenny.
A bit surprised though.
I was like "yo wtf."
I feel old.
I see some of my younger friends having kids and starting familes.
Sort of makes me think.
Remembering things from my past.
How people where before kids.
I dunno.

Current projects .

Video Project - Gathering shots.
TechnoPop - Nothing today.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Ok so I went to Las Vegas on Sat nite with my mum.
I got some shots for my video and listened to lots of Squarepusher and Mu-ziq on my mums mp3/CDplayer.
It was good just taking some time off and going some place else.
I hung out in a place called Primm, NV for most of the time.
Its the city before you actually hit Las Vegas.
I had buffet at the hotel in the morning.
It was ok.
We started off for home and stopped off at state line for some fun.
I played DDr to a crowd of 50 people.
I didnt get it , my mum was freaking out about the crowd.
It was desert heat and the coolness of the inside that got to me.
I played about 5 games less than what I usually play.
It was good stuff.
We left stateline , and headed for home.
It was 3.00p , we got home at 10.00.
Traffic and we stopped to visit my little cousin Keith.
Smart little kid .
Anyways Iam currently BSing right now thats why this entry is early.
I should be writing my rundown for my video but I dont have anything soild yet.
So I guess i'll procrastinate a little more.
Ok Iam done.

Current projects .

Video Project - Iam writing my rundown for hillary
TechnoPop - Working on nu track. good stuff.