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Friday, March 07, 2003

The bridge is a wonderful place.
My friendship to you is most important.
The feelings for you are there but this is most important.
We'll talk in person.
Then you can see me.
Work went by fast once again
Iam sort of blah today.
I need some change or something.
Maybe I'll take the camera out for a drive tommorrow.

Current Projects...

Video Project and Music Prioject - I got the remix of Glass House by DMX Crew done for my video project. I just need some vocals done and thats it.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

work work work.
tommorrow i gotta crack down on the video project work
i gotta actually make a track now.
ive been thinking alot about something lately
this is directed at that person
yes i do i think its fairgame
pro vs. cons .
you definately outweight any cons
you are very special to me
lets meet at the bridge

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I had video art class today.
Iam really tired.
I had curry with a dish that had cleaning solvent on it from Mitsuwa
Ill never eat at the food place again.
Iam feeling like crap now becuase it.
I got like 7 hours of quick sleep.
Its like I goto sleep and it feels like 5 mins later I wake up.
I really have something bugging me.
I actually did something in class today.
I captured my video and did some lame ass edits to it.
Well once I get a hold of it ill be leet then.
Ok time to rest (hopefully)

Current Projects.

Poetry Video - Well turns out I do have to make some music for it. I have the lyrics Iam just gonna make some beats for it.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Yes , I should update this thing.
So whats been going on with me you ask?
I made some techno stuff and some house stuff.
I finally got my "emo shirt" from Rob Dobi
To like a girl but to know something about her is different.
To her I say it is fair game.
My mum got me Hackers on DVD.
I watched that tonite.
Hacking a computer was so visual back then.
::smile gramski::
Watching that movie brings me back.
The music helped me pursue the names of the stuff I had been listening to for a long time.
Prodigy, Carl Cox , Orbital , New Order , ect.
I should go back to visit myself.
I will very soon.
I did my hair.
I got a router and will network as soon as I drill another hole in the wall.
I havent been getting much sleep lately.
Something is on my mind.
I dont know what it is.
But it keeps me up at night wondering and waiting for it to come.
Waiting ... waiting ... waiting...
Damn it !
Arggh .
What is it?

Current Projects.

Video Projects - Start the editing process tommorrow.
Music - made this house track. i like it.