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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Mom , Dad ... I have VD.
Iam going to kill myself !

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Once again I find myself in the mist of a creative jungle.
Too many things here not enough time.
Iam looking for that sound.
The Ishimaru sound.
That one thing I make that will be the basic for everything else I do.
My face itches from shaving yesterday.
Ive heard some really good music in the past 24 hours that has me thinking.
About this and that.
Thee ol' in out in out.
Maybe Iam frusterated with my life right now.
So close yet so far sums up everything in my world right now.
I can feel it and see it but I cant touch it.
I should have touched when I had the chance.

Monday, March 10, 2003

It was fun hanging out with you today.
We'll do it again soon.
It sucks cuz I have work tommorrow.
Iam tired.
Iam listening to my Denki Groove CD
I love Denki Groove.
Ok I need some final footage.
Then Iam offically washing my hands of this video project.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Iam tried.
So very tired.
I need to rethink this track for my video thing.
I dont want to use Ishimaru style material in this class.
Or at least not now.
I want this to be hidden IDM tracks on my CD style.
Like I can be me but with some experimentality.
Iam going to try and do a short 5 picture series tommorrow with my lomo.
Last night I went with Will for Thai food.
It was good.
He gave me his rice cooker.
Thanx Will I totally needed that.
All I need is good rice and Iam ready to go.
Will and Erin's wedding is comming up.
Iam Will's best man.
I have to make a speech. lol
This is going to be sweet.
11.00a , The Bridge .
Any changes let me know .

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