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Friday, March 28, 2003

After a night of the ol' ultraviolence (hanging out with Will , Erin and baby and seeing Sprited Away)
We went around for some pranks fiiddling and foddling (TP'ed and vandelized Vohns house)
Yes yes my fellow druqees.
It was a night for the ages indeed.
Now for a bit of spatchcock.
Fin .

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Gomenasai ! ::bows gently::
I really should update this thing more often.
Its ghey becuase all I eva talk about is how much my life sucks or work. lol
I did finally finish my video project.
Sad really.
It wasnt what I envisoned but It worked.
John B. and Aaron had a good laugh.
Next video is comming up.
Its called "Its not what you think"
So if you got any ideas let me know.
I got some nu Puma's.
Theres the ones in that Puma ad .
You know the blowjob one.
My mostros are in green.
I also finshed this DnB track ... Do it up!
Check it out.
I gotta develop some film for some more series I want to put together.
That photo shite Aaron does is hard work.
Sucks to that.
Expensive for "Real" photographic art.
Unlike my cheap art lol .
My mum got her settlement money.
Shes finally going to start looking for a real job out in vegas for backup against her fashion stuff.
That ='s the money mum is gonna give me.
w00t w00t bling bling ! lol
Strange I got a retirement package from Steinmart today.
Will I be working there long enough for retirement?
boo hoo lol .
Fuck that its still film !
Iam gonna spoof that comment on my next video.
With a title at the beginning.
This is miniDV , not film.

To do list .....

Make more DnB.
Start idea storm for next video.
Develop pix0rs
Get matte for series "Look in the sky!"
Beat Metroid :)