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Saturday, April 05, 2003

wooo I got the computer fixed
Aaron and I went to micro center and I got a nu hard drive.
I got everything back and running again - a few things .
- my webcam
- FTP server
- Photoshop
I fixed and reconfigered FLP.
Iam soo spent now.
Special thanx to Will for telling me how to daisy chain.
Sean for nothin !
and Aaron for taking me to micro center and helping me with the install
Rawk rawk !
Ok time for rest.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

I hate computers.
Mine just died on me , again.
I need a mac.
Iam tired of my PC.
Geez but I need the thing for music.
Iam hoping I can recover it from my hard drive.
This time I seriously doubt that I will be able to get anything back
So I guess I have to fact the hard truth.
I'll have to start over again with my music.
Iam going to have to download my mp3s again.
Rescan art photos .
Reload everything back into FLP.
Arrgh Iam sooo mad right now I could vomit.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I really should do more to this blog like add a place to post comments and a links to stuff I like.
But I dont think I want to.
I like your emails and those are more personal anyways.
I finally beat Metroid Fusion woooooooo.
I know big deal but I really dont play video games that often anymore.
Work, School, Making music and Art video class homework.
Leaves me with little time.
hmmmm today was another usual day at Steinmart.
Sucks for my supervisor Gil though.
He wanted tues and wed. off but the uppers told he cant have it.
They need him there to cover there own asses.
Damn hes gonna miss the Dodgers opening game and a date with girlfriend on tues.
Arrgggh !
I was tricked into trying one of those AOL offers for 3 months but it hasnt been 3 months ...
and now there charging me 89.00 bucks for something I dont even want.
I gotta cancel that tommorrow.
Iam glad I got cable modem and canceled my old aol account.
Too much crap from them.
Anywhoo time for bed.

Stuff to do.

Call aol autoadvantage to cancel and get money back.
Finish making nu DnB track.
Pay rent ;_;
Start working on art video.
Meet certain someone for hang out and fun time tommorrow. (^_^)

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

The Irvine Dance Crew Goes to L.A.
Yup Aaron, Jinny, and I went to the garment district
I got some good denim , grey shirt material and silver material for some shirt projects I wanna do .
Jinny gots some shirts and ect.
Aaron does what he does best , dance the robot and take pix0rs of homeless people.
After all that walking around and stuff in LA we go to bowl with John and his crew.
I played one game and then played DDr.
I suck at bowling.
Iam sooo tired.
4 hours of sleep will do that to you.
ok people goodnite.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Best possible ending for a JP drama.
They seperate and if it is truly love ...
it will bring them back together.
ahhh sweet love . lol
I had work today.
I went to The Wherehouse for some store closing cheap music.
Someone totally didnt scour the electronic music bins.
I got ahold of some classics and some lost CD todays.
The Prodigy Experience and 2 Roni Size CD's (Reprazent and Touching Down)
Reprazent and Prodigy Experience both lost to the demon Regina.
Ahh but I got them again :)
Touching Down Roni Size's latest is absolutely fresh.
Talkin about showing the nu skool a thing or two .
He mixed it !
All respect goes to Roni on this CD soon to be classic.
I got all those CD for 25.00 bucks.
Thank you lack of sales Wherehouse and the lack of good music listeners in Irvine.
Hmmm Jinny came by and dropped off some glass and a pix0r phrame.
We made some happy hardcore.
Well started to at least lol
So what do you wanna be when you grow up little boy ?
I wanna be Ultraman !!