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Friday, April 11, 2003

heyhey Carly my former internerd , now actual friend , came over tonite .
Hi Carly !
Well I made chicken that I didnt eat.
Got some shots in for my viddy .
lol those neighbourhood kids are funny.
hmm I should start werking on das music for mein viddy .
ok people time for sleep another long day of werk awaits me tommmorrow.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

ok people ill make this short and sweet.
work .
want me to be full time (i already work the hours for it so it would just be a status change)
planning video shoot.
met nice girl at work .

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Long day at school today.
I know what iam going to do my video on finally.
A digital graffti on children.
Taping them in there most natural state ... the state of fun.
Then with FCP brand them with corporate insignia
Thats what they do.
Get the kids early on so they become brand loyal when they get older.
Yes yes .
I love Nike.
I ate the biggest dinner I had in a long time.
My mum rawks.
You missed out Gramski. lol
I talked to the japanese noisecore chick in my class today.
Pretty cool and likes bogdan ! mwahaha !
Heyhey I never post my AIM s/n but here it is anyways ...
So message me if you like :)
I got the webcam fixed
and check out my latest in progress house track
Hmm whats else is going on in the house of Alex ...
I finally got some ideas for my next video.
I want to try and do a piece on lose of innocence through mental contaimination.
The TV cause children to see things they shouldnt early on.
The internet allows them to see those things as well.
Adverts invade then make children brand loyal.
So through the use of video as my medium I will try and make this happen on camera.
I have some written orders but nothing concrete yet.
If you havent checked out my work in progress house track you should.
Its pretty good.
I never say that about any of my own work.
Hi hi to my imprisoned girl . They can hold in but they can never take your mind hon (^_^)
Hey niko niko =(^o^)= . You'll be fine there in VA just find something that interests you .
I still need to get Photoshop up and running again.
Must edit photos of Aaron doing robot.