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Friday, April 25, 2003

Delays Delays Delays.
Music for video ... i must do.
I dont know.
Iam like meh right now.
Hey Emlee .
I thought I would just throw that in there.
::does robot::

Thursday, April 24, 2003

When I lived in Arizona ...
There would be these long fluffy clouds ..
- From The Orb's Fluffy Little Clouds .

A great song to chill to.
Thats what Iam doing now.
Letting my brain rest before I have to cranking it up.
I gotta make a nu piece for my video this weekend.
And ... start brainstroming the next video and shoot it by next friday.
Deadlines Deadlines Deadlines ... Dead.
Goodniote .
Fin .

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

After saying my peace about that person I feel good.
Its over now.
Today was good at school.
I got a ton done for my viddy.
I just gotta do the music and finish up the logo spray.
Iam going to do some shouts now ... cuz its my blog and I can do that !
Big ups to my left coast supa soul sista Johanna !
yoyoyo to Angela ! Congrats on the grad !
drealocked rasta greeting to J-Fu ! Hey mon !
supa high five to Miju kickin it at UCLA's soviet bloc style dorms !
Mepoppylonganjamyjanlong to Gramski and Jinnay :: her name in hick voice::
Yo Carly stay off the tink kiddo ! lol .
GROJ$!^_!%2907y AGRj90r34tfr1g56r4ayr8 to John B. :)
Congrats to Will and Erin there officially married !
Yoyo momo big up em' chest ! RUUD !
0101100110010100101 to my distant and not so distant internerd friends.
Heyheyhey to everyone else I know that reads this but is never on aim !
And I guess thats it !
Peas and carrots !
I told Justine yesterday that I dont talk about people I have a problem with on my blog unless I really I dont want you around anymore.
Well I do have a problem with someone.
To that person who I know reads this.
I would mention there name but its useless like melted ice cream on a hot summer day.
I stopped talking with you for reason.
You broke me.
I thought maybe I could be friends with after all this.
But I cant .. I just cant.
Iam sorry but the person you are now is not the raver happy person I used to see.
All I see is this mall emo girl who needs to get a friggin clue.
You used to be original now your just another number.
Maybe if stopped injecting yourself with fakeness you might have a decent boyfriend or good friends.
Ive changed alot since september.
I dont want your "Friendship"
Leave me alone !
Never aim or email me again !

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

"No time for the ol' in and out love ..Ive just come to read the meter"
What a great way to start off a blog but with a quote from one of my favourite movies A Clockwork Orange.
Today I went to school .
I look forward to the days I spend there every week.
I love the art center and doing my video work.
I got one more day tommorrow woo !
My latest viddy is comming along quite well .
I just needs some music and the logo drops and filer adjustments and iam done.
I gotta start comming up with ideas from my last video.
Its a open priject which is cool so I can pick anything.
This class ends in 5 weeks which sucks becuase I like going to school there.
Iam looking forward to the fall so I can go back. :)
I bought some japanese candy and ect from 99 Ranch Market
I didnt know they had all that stuff.
HAHAHA they had some Aaron candy shaped like hot dogs and hamburgers.
I gotta wash dishes before mum comes home.
So this must end .
Fin !

Monday, April 21, 2003

These past couple of days at work have been nothing but stress.
Especially saturday.
Every friggin employee wanted to buy that day.
All these old ladies freaking out over the deals on the Ralph Lauren stuff that was 75% off.
I seriously need to start making some major changes soon.
Mostly with my music.
I was hoping to at least put something out by now.
I have all this material Ive done over the past year just sitting on my hard drive.
Having the motivation to create is great but I dont have any left to put onto a medium for distro.
I got some nu CDs .. Tako Minikawa - Rommic Cube , Timo Mass - Loud and Doc Martin - Sounds you can feel.
All on sale at the warehouse.
Sucks there closing .. but I scored some sweet deals . :)
Iam thinking about paying for my blog.
Ive been meaning to do that for sometime.
Its bedtime.
Goodnite .