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Friday, May 02, 2003

Iam I sarcastic ?
Geez. the nu boss at work Gisella seems to think so.
ARRRGGHH ! ::in best Charlie Brown voice::
All becuase when we had some problems with the E-credit I kept telling her to call corporate.
+ It doesnt help that she caught me at a bad time.
To begin my day I come in to fall rack of about 50 pieces of clothes.
I have to try and clean hat up ... help customers ... do returns ...
Help Josefina out ... geez.
Then Gisella comes in with that "I know everything" style of hers.
So she had it comming.
Crys about it to Liz and they have a little talk with me.
I can see why John and Dawn quit.
They dont like the way things are going.
I dont either.
I need to find another job doing something else.
Iam 21 now I think Ive had my fair share of useless jobs.
Sometimes I just wanna sit down and cry.
Life is just so hard on me.
I have all the answers for everything and everyone else but myself.
.... Fin.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Work Work Work.
Busy like usual.
Iam shorthanded .
Which makes it more hard on me to do my job.
Iam so tired of this.
I wanna escape.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

My video went over pretty well today.
No sound complants like last time.
One of these days I'll make it into DivX and upload it onto my webspace or something
So all you gurls and guyos can see it .
I liked the final result.
- the pepsi up logo tag at beginning.
- fix slight cliches.
Those things I should fix when I have time .
Other than that , it was pretty good I would say.
Now I must begin my next art video.
Yawn its bedtime .
Fin .

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I finshed my video today.
Iam really happy about that.
Yesh. I gotta start on my next viddy this week.
I was think about audience participation.
Hi Emlee. (^_^)V
Now you can see a hello now that you have a link to my blog now.
lol I thought she knew about my slice of the webpie.
Well people I'll have the track I made for my viddy posted in a few days in my small but tighty webspace soon
Its a soundscape so its really ambient.
Justine get Sauconys.
Best shoe eva .
Ok I got the actual video class tommorrow.
Aaron and I have to go down to Newport Beach so he can get his pix0rs matted.
He besta have me dem breakfast mon.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Iam feeling pretty sad today.
John and Dawn quit today.
Sucks becuase I watched them grow up a little working there.
We all did.
Very little of the original crew of cashers is still there.
John and Dawn are very cool people and there just starting off.
They'll pick something else up or whatever.
Funny thing happened.
Dawn came in to work like usual today.
I knew she was going to quit.
Instead of telling Steinmart that she was leaving when I was there.
She told them after I left so I wouldnt have to work another 12 hour shift.
I thank you Dawn .
She screwed Liz over good for her final goodbye.
We got new people today .
1 tall kid. 1 goofy mexician kid . 1 sort of cute girl .
I think they want me to be shift lead.
I dont know if want to be a shift leader.
Its extra money but at a cost of my time.
Time is what I have very little of.
Iam tired and I have a ton of music work to do.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Well yesterday I worked for 12 hours just about.
Then I had to work from open to close today as well.
But it ended well.
Jinny grandma bought us Korean food.
+ I got a san-x stuffed pushie
++ japanese stuffs from 99 ranch market .
woo hoo !
mmm japanese TV + rice crackers .
Iam a little stressed about work and the music for school right now.
I want to get into Cal Arts .
I need to make more music .
Everyone should listen to Phoenix United .
Greatest french disco pop band eva .