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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Ok Ive been meaning to update this but I have been very busy.
Well not really... more like forgetful.
I almost had a mental breakdown on thursday morning.
I couldnt take being there.
Ive never been that wreaked mentally.
I hate the fact that I have to work at Steinmart.
You get steady money for bills and your stuck at a place you cant stand anymore.
I love the people I work with.
That keeps me going.
Everything else ... meh .
Friday there was a party for the employees .
It was on that day one year ago that the store opened up.
I got a crappy gift that I gave away.
One year ... how depressing.
Today I was supposed to have off but I came in becuase I didnt know for sure.
I worked my ass off untill 3.00 then Aaron and Jinny (The Cult) came by go and see Maebelle (BELLY!ARRGH!) and her youth (ghey) crew at H.B.
Yea I was really over dressed for the beach.
Iam out there with a friggin tie and dress shirt.
Yea Iam worried about ideas for my video project.
Working without extra help is putting a strain on my mental thought in gathering ideas for my video.
Iam not stressing but its just wearing me down.
.... Send me an angel , right now...
::looks up::

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

So today was killer .
First school ..
I talked to Hilary about my video again .
This is a tuff one because I can do whatever I want.
Well I needed to clear my head so I went down the the student art showing downstairs .
I met this really nice girl who I thought I cute .
I talked with her about art schools and her plans after OCC .
Michelle is her name.
I went back to DMA262 and hung out some more before leaving .
On my way out I talking to Hilary about that girl downstairs .
I was like hey having fit lookin girls down there is quite niouce.
She said whats her name , I mentioned her name and Hilary said ooooo
Wait until I tell her what you said about her !
I didnt even think about it until later on .
Arrgh . lol me and my big mouth .
Ok afterschool
We when to see this performance art piece called Miss Mobile .
Damn it was boring.
Well there where some funny parts .
There was alot of scenesters and rich bastards there .
Meh .
Iam glad I didnt pay the 15.00 to see it .
Belly iam never going to another one of things again .
lol .
Ok iam out . I start another 5 day stretch of work.
2 days off go by so quick.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Iam currently reporting from gramski's house.
Wow they have a ton of nazi propaganda.
His collection of 70's and 80's gay porn is amazing.
I went to school for some ideas and mostly to get out the house on my day off.
I have school tommorrow as well.
I love school.
My final project is due on the 28th.
God help us all.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Last day of work.
Went by quick.
Iam off for 2 days.
I need the rest.
Ok my AX plans have begun the shift now is time to act.
2 months untill it starts .
I need roughly 600.00 to cover hotel costs and fun this year.
I can do that in 3 weeks.
But I gotta spread it across the 2 months so I can pay bills and prep for the loss of money from that week off.
Anyways still no ideas for my video.
Work has sucked all of my creativity away.
HAHAHA Dan you look like a friggin guido with that mustache. DO THE MARIO !
Iam telling you .
Brain and you should go as Luigi and Mario.
That would be good times.
Ok. Iam Dead.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Work sucks.
It really does.
Me and my other coherts Mainland and Islander (Dan and Brian) lol
Managed to ring up about 12,000 usd worth of shite from Steinmart.
I make 8.00 an hour.
8.00*7-.50= 55 bucks - taxes and what do I have left ... 45.00USD .
One day of friggin stuff sold is = to what I make in a year.
F*ck this .
College is where is at for me.
1. To learn
2. To earn a degree.
3. Get hot scenester tail.
Yup Iam going back to school full time folks .
I like OCC and being an art bum too much to go without it this fall.
I still havent come up with anything for my final video.
Iam going to talk with Hillary on tues.
Ok iam done with this.
Work = hard.
Once again another day at the salt mines.
A certain someone was gonna pick me up from work.
I had to stay and extra 1.5 hours with my boss so she could give me a lift.
God. Help . me .
I had pizza for dinner.
I have work again tommorrow.