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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Geez . I always forget to write in this thing.
Ok so I gotta get you guys caught up on current events.
Girl I like in class gave me a CD too . Not too shabby.
My video final went over pretty good.
The music was very good.
Johanna is moving back to California !!
EEEE ! heehee
I talked with Jason for a while yesterday. I love you bro. You'll do fine in Texas.
I set up a small plan to save up some money for a used car for OCC by the end of the summer.
Of course by doing this I give up the one thing I look forward to every year since 2000 and that is Anime Expo.
Iam feeling a bit saddened by this but I know that AX will be there next year but a car is something I need now.
Sean took Will and I to disneyland for Will's "Gonna git Marred !" get together.
Pretty cool but I had been feeling like crap internally for the past couple of days so I wasnt feeling good untill later on.
Iam gonna do the White Stripes style of hair for the wedding tommorrow. lol
I wanted to wear my damn tux shirt but I hasnt come yet so Iam like grrr about that.
I want to complete some music Ive had floating around in my head lately by the end of this summer.
Ok Goodnight everyone !