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Sunday, June 01, 2003

Welly welly well .
(notice the space for something important I have to say)

Congrats to Will and Erin Chernoff .
Its official in the eyes of the world.
They are married.
Its almost surreal.
One minute he's this single emo kid at rossmore ...
The next he's got a baby girl and a wife and he's a man now.
It was great seeing them married.
Iam proud to say that I held up the Hupha with Matt, Sean, and Voughn.
All the scenesters came out for it lol .

(Notice again the space for more important info.)

Well I just gotta say my fellow druqz that it was a site to be seen.
Lots of friends and family came which was really surprising.
I got the first funny at the show with my video Round em' up early.
Hilary was surprised I bought food.
She was also a bit turned over the crowd.
I loved it.
Aaron performed an art video live on the fly using his computer
You can see about 20 secs of it here
I got nervous around Kaho when she gave me her mobile number and email address.
I like her so like I feel funny when Iam around her.
Hey Nina and her 3rd and 4th where there
Jinny brought her sisters
Dan and Bryan came !
Momo and Two2 where there tu (lol)
Myles and his women came which was really cool as well.
The crowd showed up and they were not disappointed.
It was something I wont forget anytime soon.


Well now that I a free tues and wed. off .
Iam going to be working of my music projects and whatnot.
My goal is to make a small EP of my work by the endof this summer.
I want to make some more video's and hope to collaborate with Tomsick, Bruggman, and Gramski over the summer for some Mayheim.
Ok time to dance !