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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Well people Ive finally done it.
Ive completed a track with lyrics and a chorus.
Get it here!
Its straight up techno with vocals.
Aaron !
Your help is needed for cleaner vocals.
My Bob Barker mic and soundforge plug ins can only do so much.
Well Ive completed one.
Sort of .
Anywhoo my goal is 3 more.
These 2 days have been really productive.
I cleaned my room , washed my clothes , fixed my lomohome , made a complete track , made my anwering machine message and started on another DnB track.
I wish I didnt have to go to work.
Hey Aaron if your going to the UCI Video Festival gimme a holla at work tommorrow.
Sleeeeeeeeeeep for meeeee

Things to do.
Contact Neojinx Studios for vocal help.
Finish DnB track.
Upload unreleased tracks.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I finally finshed the first stage of my lomohome
Come by for a visit
I also rendered some past music I had finshed by never made public.
I also did my answering machine message.
Lol its all acid house-y.
Ok Iam really tired.
Its 3.14a and Ive managed to stay up with out the help of AIM.
Ok time for bed -_-ZZZzzZZ

Things to Do.
Scratchboard music ideas
Upload unreleased tracks.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Another day at the coal mines.
Ahh two days off.
Two days of scratchboarding tracks and lyrics to make some music.
My days at Stein Mart are getting shorter and shorter.
Iam really tired of working there and I need a change.
I think Iam gonna be off the aim for at least a week.
Sort of a communications break.
Unlike Justine who kept her aim running when she tried to quit :D
I cant be tempted by aim if Iam not running it.
Starting on the first of July I will no long be drinking any fruit juices that I havent squeezed from the fruit myself.
Too much sugar in those too.
If I can quit soda , I can quit the 1% juice and kool-aid habit too.

Things to do.
Scratchboard thoughts.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Well I was going to update this deal early this morning but couldnt for some strange reason.
Hmmm whats there to say.
Iam a bit upset about work.
Iam not full time so therefore Iam not intitled to the min 30 hours a week.
But I made my point loud and clear in Micheal Doubts office last friday.
I dont give a shit about benfits and vacation time.
Fuck that.
I want my hours.
They better give them to me or else there #1 customer service (zookeeper) will start losing the plot at work.
Everyday will be like A Clockwork Orange.
I have those only once a month.
Those will become frequent and more persitant.
I talked with Kaho for a bit which was cool.
I like her but I dont know if I can make it go anywhere.
I really should drink more water to make half the emptyness go away.
I feel full but I dunno.
Anyways Iam taking sometime off aim mostly because Ive been on too much lately and becuase jinny scared me off.
So if its important ... is where I'll be at until further notice.
Oh and this blog :)
But if you email me I might give you my number and we can chat on the phone.
Which I think is better.
Oh Iam on that deal so add me if you must :D

PS. The music "things to do" will start again this week. beibei (^o^)V