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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Well I just ate 1/2 of pound of meat stuffed inbetween to pieces of bread from Fudruckers .
God have mercy on my colon.
You think Iam bad?
Dan (Indian) and Dan (Korean) ate the 1 pounder.
Dan (Korean) came out on top but eating all of the burger.
Dan (Indian) came in a close third by eating the rest of the meat but not eating his bun and condiments.
Both = crazy.
Today was a small break from my musical works.
So nothing to report on that.
Iam going to the Electric Daisy Carvinal next saturday with Matt Lu (He rocks you know) and Sean (He needs no last name)
I havent been to a massiv since I got kicked out of Monster Masssive for being a wide boy in the gabbah pit.
That was 2001 .
I been to parties of course but nothing over 800 people.
So this will be a nice little change from the usual.
Jungle room all night.
House in the day.
Maybe a little gabbah ? :D
I got one of those Hamas rebel shals from my friend Sam at work.
He took a trip to Lebanon to start his clothing store there.
And he brought me back want I wanted.
Heeehee american infidels .
I need to get some chopper shades and a black suit case ooo ooo and a suit and BAM Arab buisness man !
I love Sam .
Ok Iam out .
Well your humble narrator has two things that he wants to speak of this night.

My Hair.

This a subject that has been open to discussion as of recent
Iam not going to cut or change it for anyone else but myself.
I shouldnt have to explain myself on why my hair is this way on my own blog but I guess I should.
Ive always hated having curly hair.
You can only have one damn style.
Wait two .. short and buzzed or long and curly.
Both = ghey.
So I grew it out and straightened it to suit my own tastes.
About 1.5 years ago when I was working with my grandpa for those brief 2 months
He told me to cut it becuase it made me look like a fag.
Before he said this I was going to cut it short.
Yes people thats grandpa fucker.
Not a nice man at all.
So I kept it long and didnt cut it. :)
The majority of my family (mums side) dont like it.
So as the black sheep of my family I kept it.
Now it would seem that some of my own friends are talking about the unnaturalness of my hair.
Some have said to cut it.
No .
Ive heard things like "it would be cooler if you did have it back to its normal way"
No .
I hate curly hair.
I never want to have it again.
And if I was forced to cut my hair.
I would be very unhappy.
I value the opinion of my friends very much but when it comes to my hair thats something else.
So that being said ... You can harp on everything else but when it comes to my hair its off limits.
The End.


Dont aim me right now.
You are tainting my soul.
I hate what you've done to me.
I feel like there should have been more.
So Iam telling you this.
I will see you at OCC this fall.
Your going to be in the same place as me a good chunk of the time.
When I see you I will not pass you up or whatever immature thing you think i'll do .
This will be a fresh start for both of us.
I made a promise to you and I will keep it.
Untill then let me do my thing and I'll see you at OCC in the fall.

Thats its for me.


Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Today or I should say yesterday was a horrible day.
I started the day off really bad.
Having to ring up all this shite for Brittney's mom becuase something was wrong with her cheque last sat.
Brittney = Nu girl in linens dept. , Very whine-y
I hate SteinMart.
I want to quit but I know I need to work.
I got school fee's to pay and a car loan I want to pay off in the distant future.
Meh yesterday was just a horrible day and Iam glad its over.
Todays my day off so I guess I'll stay up and make some tracks or scratchboard tommorrow.
Since Nataly went to the Mission store I got my hours increased by 7 so no wed. off for me.
Meh I need teh bling bling .
Nite nite -_- ZzzZZ

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Iam so damn tired.
Work work work.
I wish I could just quit.
But I needs the kizash.
Well Iam currently reviewing the comments from Aaron and Jinny
And re-evaluating my techno track.
Too many pre-fab drum samples.
I replaced those.
Now Iam going to work on the vocals again sometime this week.
I think Iam going to do away with the todo list.
I always talk about the stuff I do with music in the main part.
So why list it ?
Hmmm I think Iam going to use a template for my techno/electro.
Like another style of music for my techno.
Sort of the way its set up.
Hmm I dunno but Iam going to scratchboard it out and make a proto for listening.
By the way KDL 103.1 has officiallly managed to ruin one of my favourite tracks of 2002.
Who the Funk- Shiny Disco Balls.
Thanks Fuckers.
Hmm I seem quite bitta today.
Iam in a Clockwork Orange sort of mood.
I found some old bloom flowers from last 4th of July.
I set em off outside my house a few minutes ago.
All these lights turned on.
Ahhh bliss.
Ok time to veg out and listen to music.
Oh Iam back on AIM people.
NEoDJalEX = AIM me
Nite !
Fin .