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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Had to get a nu SS card.
It comes in 2 weeks.
Bah! I hated the lines and the haggard ladys there.
Had to get a copy of birth cert at the county offices.
Bah! I hated the lines but there where cute girls there.
Tried to take matriculation exam ... couldnt make it.
Thank you OC Fair traffic.
Jinjin and Gramski came by to record the vocals for Jinjin's song.
Its a pretty good track actually.
I fell asleep in my hallway.

When to Option One with Myles got a B-Card.
Called the HR guy and left a message.
I will annoy untill I get a job there.
Myles has his own cubical and everything.
It looks like a pretty good job.
Lucky bastard.
I hope to be a lucky bastard too very soon.
Finshed an existing track from almost a year ago from my archives.
Needs vocals and will making those in a bit.

I HATE Stein Mart.
I will quit soon.
I dont want to go to work tommorrow.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Why is it ... when I like something or someone theres always some sort of complication.
You go into this whole thing just wanting to have another friend and hangout.
Just for fun you know?
Nothing serious.
But It turns into something else. ....
Something that requires a talk amongst parties involved.
To sort things out and to make things clear.
Currently in matters involving this situation I can lien both ways.
Friends still or something more .
Something more is catagory Iam going to try and avoid.
Ive been hurt too many times.
Shes wonderfully cute and all but this is just something I may not be ready for again.
To stop or to try it .
That is my question.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Weekly Stuff to this week !
- Matriculation Exam at OCC.
- Register for skool .
+ Finish both tracks.
+ Hopefully buy a bike.
+ Write some more lyrics.
+ Talk to mum about loan for car.
+ Talk to grams about using her car for license.
+ Alpha Shirt Co.

Anybody want a Alpha Shirt ?
Iam currently prototyping the design template on used/vintage clothing.
To cover my labour costs and material fee I will charge something but I dunno know much yet.
I'll put a pic up first when Iam finished with some more shirts.

I skipped work today. I was too inspired by these lyrics I wrote this morning.
Yeah it was cool hanging out on a sunday and going to the thrift stores for clothes.

I think Iam going to take it back to 97.
Whistle possy pump it up !
::doo dooo do do dooooo::
::thump thump thump thththump::
::insert 80's pop vocal sample here::
Insta HHC !