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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Having 3 days off rawks.
In that time I managed to not work on a whole lot of music.
I did make a Locust Gabbah track. Interesting shake down of there material.
I hung out with Justine (^_^)<3
I hung out Gramski and Jinjin (^o^)!
I also hung out with J-Fu and her bod Nathan (/^_^)/
Its good meeting with friends.
Iam thinking about taking that Cannon job.
Its part time temp ... 20 hours weekends only.
Demoing Cannon stuff at Best Buy.
Which would be cool but there goes my weekends, but it pays 10.00 an hour .
So give and take because I would still have to work at Stein Mart. BAH !
I bought some food from Mitsuwa.
Finally real rice !
Ahhh .

Sunday, July 27, 2003

I hate Stein Mart.
I hate with a passion.
I hope to god that I find a nu job soon.
Well this week I have 4 days off.
4 days to ...
Make music.
Get my shite together at OCC done.
Find a cheap bike.
Get a loanski for a car or small motorized bike .
Iam done.
Its music time.
Before I go heres a quote ...
"It doesn't matter what you know if you don't care." - Jack Kemp